Outsourcing for Good: Sourcefit’s Community-Building Initiatives Recognized at the 2023 Outsource Accelerator Impact Awards


As we navigate towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow, we at Sourcefit are overjoyed and humbled to share a moment of happiness. Our efforts were recognized with a Gold award in the “Outsourcing Impact on Community Building” category at the 2023 Outsource Accelerator’s Outsourcing Impact Awards. It’s heartening to see our dedication to community-driven initiatives bear fruit.

About the Outsourcing Impact Awards

Our belief in transformative business processes, coupled with a positive community impact, prompted our participation in the 2023 Outsourcing Impact Awards. This event celebrates organizations making a difference. The “Outsourcing Impact on Community Building” category shines a light on companies committed to uplifting communities

Sourcefit’s Carbon Footprint Initiative: Making a Profound Difference

At Sourcefit, our journey towards environmental sustainability began in 2022 when we set sustainability targets. We aimed to position ourselves as an eco-friendly BPO company, not just with words but through tangible actions. Our journey commenced with a deep dive into understanding our carbon footprint. To achieve this, we designed the Sourcefit Carbon Footprint Quiz, a web-based tool that empowers our employees and individuals to comprehend the environmental consequences of their daily actions. This quiz, thoughtfully crafted to align with the Filipino lifestyle, is accessible on our company’s website, encouraging everyone to assess their individual carbon footprint.

By the end of April 2022, an impressive 60% of our employees at Sourcefit had taken the Carbon Footprint Quiz, revealing valuable insights. It became clear that waste management, energy usage, and dietary choices were significant contributors to our estimated carbon footprint score. By the end of that year, our aggregated score stood at 18,362.67, considered average compared to global benchmarks. However, we were determined to make a change, and in 2023, we achieved a remarkable 5.14% reduction, reaching a score of 17,418. Our targeted sustainability approach tackled issues like waste, food choices, and air pollution as the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions within Sourcefit.

Our initiatives aren’t limited to internal changes but extend to community engagement. The Go Beyond Christmas Gift-Giving campaign, aimed at supporting local farmers in Benguet and neighboring communities in Quezon City, is a testament to our commitment. We’ve also been active in educating our employees through initiatives like the LAFANG (Learning Advocacy for Food, Agriculture, Nature, and Growth) webinar series. We extended this education to Bagumbayan Elementary School students, enriching their understanding of food autonomy. Environmental sustainability is at the core of our initiatives, evident through our Soilmate tree planting project. 

LAFANG 2023-4Creating Meaningful Impact Through Each CSR Initiative

Numbers speak volumes, and Sourcefit takes great pride in our meticulous tracking and measurement of the Carbon Footprint Initiative’s impact. The annual Carbon Footprint quiz, taken organization-wide, revealed a significant 5.14% reduction in our carbon footprint score for 2023 compared to the previous year. This statistic alone showcases our commitment to tangible change. Additionally, our volunteers and donors planted 1,250 tree seedlings. Each tree has the incredible capacity to supply a day’s worth of oxygen for up to 5,000 individuals, emphasizing the importance of mature trees in oxygen production.

The impact on our partner community is heartwarming. In 2023, 15,000 Filipinos experienced a healthier Christmas thanks to our Go Beyond Gift-Giving initiative. We also highlight the positive changes in livelihoods, with 91 farmers in Benguet and Cebu gaining new opportunities and forming 28 valuable partnerships with Global Seed Savers, marking our third noteworthy accomplishment. Our dedication to food security is underscored by the distribution of 4,000 sustainable food baskets in Barangay Bagumbayan in 2022 alone. Notably, our substantial agricultural efforts cultivated 270,900 acres of farmland, underlining our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Go Beyond 2022-7Waste reduction is another vital aspect of our initiative, as each organic food basket distributed effectively reduces 1 to 2 tons of waste. Approximately 20 tons of vegetables reached families in Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City, reflecting our dedication to reducing waste. Our approach has also been cost-effective. Before the implementation of the Go Beyond Christmas Gift-Giving initiative, we distributed 1,000 to 1,500 grocery bags of processed goods. In 2022, not only did we provide sustainable solutions, but we also doubled the number of beneficiaries to 3,000 families in Quezon City. All of this was achieved by offering organic baskets at half the price compared to purchasing processed and canned goods.

Sustainability as our Foundation

Accountability for our environmental impact extends to both management and employees. The management team sets environmental goals, policies, and practices aligned with Sourcefit’s sustainability strategy. This includes identifying the company’s environmental impacts, setting targets for improvement, and allocating resources to achieve our goal of reducing our organizational carbon footprint. Marketing leaders created Sourcefit’s Carbon footprint roadmap, allowing the management team to understand our environmental impact better.

While management sets the direction, it’s our Sourcefit employees who implement sustainable practices in their day-to-day activities. Their contributions, such as waste management, energy conservation, and making sustainable choices in purchasing products or services, all contribute to our aggregated environmental impact as a company.

Soilmate 2023-4A Lasting Legacy

Our Carbon Footprint Initiative has garnered recognition from prestigious organizations like the Marketing Excellence Awards and earned media mentions from notable institutions such as the Haribon Foundation, Inquirer, and ABS CBN News. These accolades are a testament to the meaningful impact of our initiative. We’re not just reducing environmental harm –  we’re also fostering community development. Our sustainability journey to the Outsourcing Impact Awards has been an incredible one, but it’s only the beginning. We’re committed to building a better future for all.

At Sourcefit, we firmly believe in the potential to create a positive impact in our community. We are dedicated to championing the cause of community building through innovation, unwavering determination, and a genuine commitment to sustainability. It’s truly humbling to receive recognition for our efforts, but our focus remains on the future.If you’d like to learn more about our services and join us in shaping a sustainable future, visit https://sourcefit.com/

About Outsource Accelerator:

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