Animation for Corporate Presentations

For companies that use the Internet to make contact with customers and communicate with them about their products and services, animation has become an indispensable tool to simplify their message and engage with their audience in a compelling way. Animation allows you to create unique visuals that are more attractive and memorable than live action video for a fraction of the cost.

Animation has been proven to increase conversions significantly and drive purchasing intent better than other types of media. Studies show that people retain more from audio-visual presentations than they do from reading.

A block of text can overwhelm even the most attentive viewer, but an animated presentation helps improve focus and retention because it is engaging and enjoyable. Web visitors are increasingly expecting sites to be responsive and interactive, with multimedia options that include animated content.

The creation of high-quality animated presentations requires the talent of experienced animators, illustrators, designers, web developers, and other highly skilled creative professionals. The right people can be hard to find, and if you do find a local animator or animation company that perfectly matches your project goals, the cost may be prohibitive.

Sourcefit Animation Services

At Sourcefit, we help companies engage their target audience with exceptional but low-cost animated presentations that inspire, bring your message to life, and turn viewers into brand ambassadors. Our award-winning Philippine-based animators are capable of producing high-quality 2D and 3D animation for multimedia presentations, corporate films, trailers, banner ads, commercials, and website landing page cinematics.

The expertise of our talented animation team covers all styles, from representational/realistic to cartoons. We have been working with global companies for many years, making us experts in all major animation software and tools, including Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Mari and more. Industry experience allows us to adapt quickly to any production deadline.

Sourcefit animation services include animation planning, creative consulting, character design, model sheets, 2D and 3D concept art, modeling and rigging, texturing, and shading, storyboards, rendering, 2D and 3D effects and keyframe animation.

Sourcefit people can fill the following animation roles and more:


Character Animator

Stop Motion Animator

3D Modeler

Texture Artist

Matte Painter

Digital Painter

Storyboard Artist

Key Animator

Art Director

Visual Development Artist

Concept Artist


Color Key Artist


Benefits of Outsourcing Animation Services to the Philippines

Lower cost. Cost reduction is one of the top reasons organizations outsource animation. Sourcefit provides the services of the best Philippine-based animators at cost-effective local industry prices, allowing companies to reduce total operational costs significantly. Because of lower labor costs associated with offshore animation, we can increase your savings while maintaining high-quality deliverables.

Better oversight. Working on a large or complex animation project requires proper oversight. At Sourcefit, we provide managed animation solutions with a project manager and art director who oversee the schedule and workload of all creative professionals in the team. Managers also ensure quality control before delivery.

Flexible solutions. Businesses rely on Sourcefit for flexible solutions customized to their unique goals and budget. You can hire one artist, build an offshore team of animators, or augment your local staff with creative professionals on a contract or temporary basis. We also offer end-to-end solutions that include project oversight of animation and related services, such as application design, user interface design, and web development.

Access to the latest animation tools and processes. At Sourcefit, we use the latest animation software, tools, and processes to deliver animated presentations that exceed expectations. We ensure that every member of our creative team has professional-level knowledge of these tools for the best possible results. Because offshore animators can work during off hours and pick up where your local design team left off, you are able complete projects much more quickly.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower Cost
  • Skilled, Highly Motivated Offshore Talent
  • Niche Expertise
  • Domain Expertise
  • Oversight & Quality Control
  • Access to the Latest Tools & Processes
  • Time-Zone Coverage
  • Improved Focus
  • Shorter Implementation Time
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Project-Based or Staff Leasing


Entry Level

$1,250.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$10.00 / hour

(Small Projects)

Mid Level

$2,000.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$12.00 / hour

(Small Projects)

Expert Level

$2,700.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$17.00 / hour

(Small Projects)