Because companies need to focus on business growth and revenue generation, technology functions are often outsourced to third-party service providers. About 70 percent of all IT infrastructure will be outsourced within the next five years, according to a survey of more than 550 IT decision makers by information technology provider Savvis.

In addition, a representative for advisory services company ISG said that more than $100 billion worth of outsourcing contracts were renegotiated in 2015, with many clients swapping traditional outsourcing models for cloud-based multisourcing.

The move toward the decentralization of IT services and infrastructure is shaking up IT support; and as more consumers migrate to the cloud, IT providers are feeling pressure to upgrade service delivery models and offer more flexibility and better quality products to clients.

IT Support Services to Outsource

IT support services include managed services and tiered technical support. These can be remote or onsite. Remote support can be handled online 24/7, with dedicated engineers addressing problems in real time.

Other commonly outsourced IT support tasks include:

24/7 telephone and remote IT support

24/7 network monitoring

Onsite engineers

Onsite visits

Hardware support

Voice, email and online chat support

Enterprise IT helpdesk

Application support

Trouble ticket management

Managed IT support services:

Network support

Remote network and server functions

Remote infrastructure support

Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

From startups to large corporations, businesses have good reasons to outsource IT support.

1. Outsourced IT support is more cost-effective than in-house IT support.

Because IT support providers focus only on IT functions, their cost per client is often less than what it would cost the company to do the same tasks internally. To ensure costs stay low, it is important to set time-bound, well-defined objectives, regardless of the company’s future goals.

2. IT support providers have extensive experience.

When companies outsource IT support, they gain access to the collective knowledge and experience of their IT support provider. These IT professionals have accumulated domain expertise over the course of many years and handled different customers, allowing them to provide flexible service delivery models that meet pecific needs.

3. IT support companies can augment existing staff.

Some goals of outsourced IT support include more efficient processes and improved productivity. Instead of replacing key, high-value IT employees, outsourced IT professionals add even more value to complement the in-house IT department. Having outsourced IT support staff means that the company will always have experts to rely on during busy times and holidays.

4. Outsourced IT support can reduce risk.

Each time companies handle any function in-house, they face risks. Partnering with an IT support provider lets them transfer part of this risk to an outside expert that has in-depth understanding of the industry. These outsourced IT professionals can help mitigate risk and avoid costly mistakes that companies are more likely to make when working internally.

5. A third party provides 24/7 IT support.

A few seconds matter greatly in tech support, and can mean the difference between making a customer happy or losing them to a competitor. Round-the- clock support is expected in today’s cutthroat market, and it is especially helpful for global companies. IT providers have dedicated resources and the latest technology to meet client needs whenever and wherever they may be located. In-house IT staff may not be willing to work the graveyard shift or during weekends, and those that are willing may require extra compensation.

IT Support Outsourcing in the Philippines

As the number of service providers rise dramatically, it’s crucial to choose an IT support company that exceeds expectations. Work with an outsourcing company that approaches IT support with a premium on high-quality services, with plenty room for growth, flexibility and negotiation.

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