1. How do I begin?
  2. Getting started is easy and risk free.  First give us a call or write a mail and our President will call you to discuss your business and how we might be able to help you cut costs and increase results.  There is never any obligation until you have found the perfect fit for your business.  To find out more click here.

  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Costs generally range from 50-70% less than your home market.  Non-voice support staff start at around US$900 dollars per month all inclusive while voice support staff begin at around US$1000 depending on experience and skills required.  For complete pricing, please click here.

  5. What is included?
  6. Our pricing is all-inclusive.  That means there are no extra or hidden charges.  Prices include salaries, taxes, benefits, supplemental health coverage, internet, office, workstation and all basic software.  We offer both transparent and fixed pricing structures.

  7. Are there any upfront fees?
  8. No, there is never any obligation until you have found the right fit for your business.  After you decide in principal to go ahead, we will work on the agreement while simultaneously recruiting.  You will be able to interview potential candidates before committing to anything.  Then you will simply pay their first month salaries on or before their first day of actual work.  There is no set-up fee.

  9. Are there any other extra costs?
  10. There are no extra or hidden costs.  Only if your team requires highly specialized software or equipment will there be any additional charges.

  11. Is Sourcefit a broker?
  12. Sourcefit is not a broker.  We operate our own facilities in a leading Cybercenter in Manila and we oversee and manage all of our employees at our offices.

  13. How can I monitor my team?
  14. You can monitor your team through Skype or another IM client, via IP phone or via PC-based software .  We can also provide webcam monitoring.  All attendance is recorded through biometric entry and exit to our facilities and we can provide that biometric data to you each month.

  15. How will I communicate with my team?
  16. You can communicate with your team through PC-based communications systems such as skype or through our robust call-center grade VOIP systems.

  17. Can I give my team bonuses?
  18. We are completely flexible on incentives for your team.  We have domain expertise in a number of fields where bonuses and commission are a standard part of the compensation structure.  We can advise you on the appropriate levels of bonus compensation for each type of specialty.

  19. Why the Philippines?
  20. The Philippines are much more culturally compatible with the West than other major outsourcing destinations such as India or China.  Costs are low but the work force is extremely well educated, experienced and motivated. Read more here.

  21. Will my staff have a strong accent?
  22. You will be pleasantly surprised by the accent of your Philippine staff.  They grow up speaking English and their accent is pleasant, neutral and cannot be easily placed.

  23. Who manages my staff locally?
  24. We provide careful comprehensive management of your staff.  We hire for attitude and are proud of our recruiting track record.  And once your staff is on board, we work hard to make sure they are happy, healthy and motivated to do their best every day.  At the core of our vision are our Metrics of Excellence, which are introduced to employees in the recruiting process and are reinforced every day.  We strive for excellence in every detail of our work.

  25. What about data security?
  26. We have redundant security systems on all of our networks to provide state-of-the-art protection for all data.

  27. What about your infrastructure?
  28. Our building houses major international corporations such as IBM and is located near a major internet trunk line.  Our networks are robust and our equipment is up to the latest specs. Find out more here.

  29. Is your internet stable?
  30. We maintain dedicated leased lines with the three top ISP’s in the Philippines for triple redundancy.

  31. Who owns the work product of the staff?
  32. You own all of the work output of your staff.

  33. How is Sourcefit different?
  34. Sourcefit is U.S.  managed and you will always have direct access to upper U.S.  managed both in the States and on the ground in the Philippines.  We will never try to force you into a template or off-the-shelf solution.  We will always work closely with you to create the optimal solution for your business.

  35. What kinds of tasks can I outsource?
  36. We have expertise in large number of fields. Click here to see our specialities.