Description: For clients who need to own their own businesses for asset development or compliance reasons, we can help you to form your own corporate entity and then manage that entity to whatever specifications you may require, from simple set-up to full management. This allows you to mitigate risk and take advantage of our expertise, contracts, and infrastructure to jumpstart your operation.  You can then transition to autonomous operations or continue to engage Sourcefit to support your operations on an ongoing basis.  We do not have any rigid structure for our services but rather we will present options based on your unique goals and requirements. In addition to options on transitional or permanent management, there are also several types of corporate structures available including joint ventures or stand-alone entities.

Indicators: Optimal for companies that need to own their offshore entity for strategic, fiscal or compliance purposes but at the same time would like to limit risk and initial capital investment.

Advantages: Log the operation as a corporate asset. More control but managed risk.

Examples: Companies with long-term international strategies. Virtually any process can be operated within this framework.

Getting Started: First we will conduct mutual due diligence and then work closely to assess all of your requirements so that we can devise an optimal plan and you can make the best decisions for your business. We will then begin the legal process of incorporation while also assessing process integration requirements, recruitment specifications, IT set up and all other operational concerns.