You’ve read about the 4-Hour Workweek, and you’ve seen how technology and the Internet have empowered millions to quit their jobs and go to work for themselves. The key to enacting these lifestyle changes is time management. The more time you can spend on your core idea, talent or specialization –that crucial thing that sets you apart and makes your living — the more efficient you can be and the more you can free yourself from the daily grind. But unfortunately, without help, this new technology can actually begin to work against you as you spend your time answering e-mails, updating blogs, planning your own travel, creating documents, handling personal accounting etc… One way to use technology to tame it and make it all work is to consider hiring an offshore virtual assistant.

Sourcefit is dedicated to offering educated, highly motivated virtual assistants in the Philippines. In addition to recruiting very capable staff, we also support them with close supervision, state-of-the art facilities and industry-best client monitoring systems including webcams and biometric attendance verification. College-educated Sourcefit virtual assistants cost less than 6 dollars per hour or less than 1000 dollars per month all inclusive. If you consider the opportunities, you will be able to pursue by not being tied down to menial tasks, these costs become even more of a bargain.

Take the first step by writing us or giving us a call today. You will be able to interview and select your own virtual assistant and there is never any obligation until you have found the perfect fit for your own style. You will be amazed at what you can get done once you get the dead weight off of your workload.

Sample Tasks

  • Schedule Management
  • Email Management
  • Online Presence Updating
  • SEO/Online Marketing
  • Presentation Creation
  • Correspondence
  • Lead Generation
  • Research
  • Customer Support
  • Bill Paying
  • Website Maintenance
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Proposal Creation
  • Data Entry/Transcription
  • Spreadsheet Creation
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Venue Booking


Entry Level

$980.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$7.00 / hour

(Small Projects)

Mid Level

$1,200.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$8.00 / hour

(Small Projects)

Expert Level

$1,500.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$9.00 / hour

(Small Projects)