With the growing diversity of potential sales channels, companies may risk losing focus on traditional sales efforts such as tele sales. But in tough economic times, there may be no more effective method than the telephone to convert new customers. One way for companies to retain focus, ensure performance, and control costs is to outsource all or part of their tele sales operations. At Sourcefit, we ensure tele sales success for our clients by combining state-of-the-art facilities, located in Manila, The Philippines, with our ‘Metrics of Excellence,’ a detailed, comprehensive vision for performance and service that infuses everything that we do.

Our domain expertise in offshore tele sales service extends to every aspect of our operation, from recruiting the best agents; to implementing the best technologies and providing the most effective management and oversight for your sales staff. We will work closely with you to develop a solution that fits your business perfectly, beginning with strategic planning of your operation, through seamless integration with your local team, to operation and expansion. And by truly understanding your business we will create a team that will be dedicated to your success and will reflect positively on your product and brand.

  • Top Staff: Accent Neutral, Educated, Highly Motivated
  • Cultural Compatibility: Philippines Westernized Culture
  • Transparency: Call Recording, Biometrics, Webcams
  • Technology: VOIP, Softphones, Virtual PBX
  • Infrastructure: State of the Art Facilities
  • Reduce Costs: Fraction of Local Market
  • Flexibility: From One Agent to 100
  • Speed to Market
  • Access Expertise and Best Practices
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Eliminate Capital Investment
  • Easily Cover 24-7
  • Redundancy and Diversification
  • Risk Mitigation


Entry Level

$980.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$8.00 / hour

(Small Projects)

Mid Level

$1,200.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$9.00 / hour

(Small Projects)

Expert Level

$1,500.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$12.00 / hour

(Small Projects)