Sourcefit Philippines offers industry-specific recruitment expertise and offshore outsourced staffing solutions tailored to your business.

Staffing Challenges Currently Affecting Many Industries Worldwide

Business growth and innovation often depend on hiring the right person at the right time. In a market where skilled talent drives an organization’s competitive advantage, intelligent, strategic recruitment is a key capability. From simply filling talent shortages quickly and cost-effectively, recruitment has evolved into a complex process that takes into account market trends, business forecasts, network optimization, branding and advanced analysis of the sources of the best and most qualified candidates. Companies have been forced to think out of the box to meet the challenges of building a competitive team in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Many companies have found that looking to alternative sources of talent, such as an offshore staffing solutions provider like Sourcefit, can ease the burden of filling highly skilled and hard-to-find employees. At Sourcefit, we offer industry-specific recruitment expertise and offshore staffing solutions tailored to your business. For us, recruitment starts with matching talent to the role while lowering costs and improving processes. But we also aim to be your long-term staffing partner, providing you with access to top staff, cost efficiency and risk control through outsourcing in the Philippines.

We leverage our expertise in particular verticals to bring you the perfect candidate—someone who speaks the language and possesses in-depth knowledge of industry practices, regulations, risks, and procedures. Every industry has its own set of mission-critical challenges related to a wide range of factors such as geography, standards, technology and economic cycles. Sourcefit has strong and longstanding industry alliances, and our recruitment specialists have attained deep vertical expertise that addresses industry-specific recruitment challenges.

Recruitment Challenges and Outsourcing Solutions

A 2014 study showed that more than half of all organizations experience difficulty in sourcing talent due to skill shortages, uncompetitive compensation, less than ideal job locations, and inefficient recruitment processes. For many companies, sourcing quality talent remains their biggest challenge due to a shortage of skilled labor, with a majority of executives, managers and decision makers citing skills shortage as a potential threat to growth.

Besides the lack of qualified people, factors like cost- and time-to-hire, and the quality of recruiters can also slow down the hiring process. Today, the average time to hire is 43 days for large organizations and 29 days for smaller organizations. It does not help that inefficient internal recruitment processes further lengthen time-to-fill, leading to lower revenues. As companies plan to increase the number of full-time and contingent hires, a flexible, multi-faceted recruitment strategy is more important than ever. Many organizations are increasingly turning to offshore staffing providers like Sourcefit to meet these challenges while improving cost and process efficiencies.

Industry-Specific Talent Sourcing: How Sourcefit Can Help

Sourcefit specializes in sourcing top knowledge workers in the STEM fields, nontechnical staff, and other personnel with deep industry experience. Sourcefit hires only the best skilled professionals in the Philippines with a passion for excellence and customer service. Our successful partnerships with many global companies have enabled us to build a reputation for high-quality, cost-effective recruitment.

One of the things that makes us unique is the depth of our talent reservoir. Because of our reputation for excellence, the best professionals come to us. Our partnerships in the private and public sectors, as well as at top universities, also keep our networks full and diverse. With such an extensive pool of high-caliber talent, Sourcefit can quickly provide top experienced professionals that meet your specific industry requirements.

Industry Staffing Expertise

At Sourcefit, we understand that every industry has its own set of challenges. We work closely with each client to create custom solutions that fit their objectives. Our recruitment experts are assigned to specific industries, partnering with organizations within their specialization to better understand the market and anticipate risks. Sourcefit recruitment specialists connect the perfect candidate to the right role, ensuring positive employment relationships and long-term efficiency.

Our recruiters draw on established networks of qualified candidates within each industry. First, we identify the most qualified prospects and pre-screen the candidates based on the job description and your business needs. We also assess the compatibility of each candidate with your corporate and cultural environment before presenting them to you. As always, our clients make the final hiring decision. Once a client finds the perfect fit, our HR specialists help with onboarding, setup, and administrative functions. We conduct regular performance assessments and monitoring to ensure that your offshore team exceeds your expectations.

Sourcefit provides employees in these industries and recruits for other resources upon request: