At Sourcefit, our goal is to enable your offshore staff to function as if they were in your home office. Toward that end, we not only provide them with high-end equipment and high-speed, redundant connectivity; we also surround them with top-rate facilities that create an environment of professionalism and empower them to succeed on your behalf.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not believe that using miniature cubicles, outdated computers and plastic office furniture is the way to provide high quality outsourcing services.

Offices Inside Eastwood Cyberpark

Our offices are located within Eastwood Cyberpark, a major BPO and technology center in Greater Manila that is home to several multinational companies including Citibank, IBM and Dell. Eastwood contains not only offices, but also condominium buildings, a huge number of restaurants, shops, movie theaters, bars and public transportation hubs. It is the ideal environment for local staff and is also very convenient and accommodating for clients making visits to our facilities from overseas.

Within Eastwood Cyberpark, we have offices inside the CyberOne Building. The CyberOne Building has a state-of-the-art ICT backbone, backup generators, centralized air-conditioning supply and 24/7/365 security.


Below are the standard specs for the workstations that are included in our pricing. Custom configurations are also available upon request.

  • Motherboard
  • Asus H81M-A LGA1150
  • Processor
  • Intel Core i3-4170
  • Operating System
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Hard Disk
  • WD5000AZLX 500 SATA BLUE
  • RAM
  • Kingston HyperXFury 4GB 1866MHZ Fury White (some are using 4GB)
  • Kingston HyperXFury 8GB 1866MHZ Fury White (our new default)
  • Display
  • Palit GT610 1GB DDR3 64bit
  • Monitor
  • SAMSUNG LS20D300NH/xp 19.5″ LED (Old setup)
  • AOC M2060SWD 19.53 LED (new default)
  • Communications
  • Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
  • Headset
  • Plantronics BLACKWIRE C320-M
  • Optional:
  • APC BX625CI-MS Back up 625va UPS RS

Security and Monitoring

Sourcefit’s offices are equipped with biometric entry and attendance monitoring equipment. Office monitoring via webcam is also enabled.


We realize that slow or intermittent internet connectivity will directly impact the productivity of your offshore personnel. It will also make it difficult or even impossible to coordinate with your offshore team. A reliable, high-speed connection is an essential component of our outsourcing solution. At Sourcefit, we do not take any chances, which is why we use dedicated leased lines and backup lines to ensure connectivity for our offices. We have a total of four separate lines from three separate providers to ensure 100% uptime of our connections.