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Welcome to Sourcefit's CSR Page! We aim to make your journey as Sourcefit partners more meaningful.

Purpose driven activities
that Go Beyond
our 9 to 6 shift!

See how we celebrate growth and resilience by giving back to our partner communities. Check out these videos to see the causes supported by Sourcefit Philippines.

You may also volunteer your time to join the actual gift-giving event or donate through monetary pledges to help with the purchase of meals and grocery packs.

Go Beyond
Resilience in the time of Pandemic

Annual Outreach Program
The “GO BEYOND” project is an annual community outreach program by SOURCEFIT aimed to elevate the status of the society as we share the gift of hope every Christmas. In 2021, Go Beyond focused on “Resilience in the Time of Pandemic” by giving smiles behind the masks as most of the Filipino people rose above the devastating impacts of the pandemic. There were over 1000 beneficiaries including the elderly, differently-abled individuals, and families in need from our partner communities.

Relief Operations
for Natural Disasters

In line with Sourcefit’s commitment to alleviate the struggles of society with our CSR programs, our team has been active in providing quality and timely relief operations for families and communities affected by natural disasters.

With the help of our employees, Sourcefit’s Relief Operations provide emergency packs made to cater to the needs of the community and provide them with the basic necessities they would need.
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23 %
Employee Participation Rate
1 +
Years of sustainable community outreach programs
70 +
Food packs distributed in last year’s CSR activities
2500 +
Total beneficiaries in our partner communities
23 %
Employee Participation Rate
1 +
Years of sustainable community outreach programs
2500 +
Total beneficiaries in our partner communities
70 +
Food packs distributed in last year’s CSR activities
Volunteer today and share your time as we lend a helping hand to our partner communities!

*Are you a Sourcefit client? If you believe in the causes that Sourcefit supports, we urge you to encourage your team to volunteer in our initiatives.
Donate today and be part of our initiatives to help build a better community!

*Whether you are a Sourcefit employee or a client that want to support our purpose, you may pledge your donation via the link below.


Sourcefit has an aggregated average Carbon Footprint score of


Let us all push ourselves to do our part and be an Earth advocate starting today! 🍃

See how you can lower your Carbon Footprint by growing your own Food!

hands taking care of seeds with text 'Episode 2: Basic Seed Fitness'
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Episode 2: Basic Seed Fitness

To help you find success in urban gardening, LAFANG Webinar series episode 2 will cover the basic principles of seed handling, processing and storage. Knowing the basics will keep your seeds fit - in good physical and physiological condition from the time they are harvested until the time they are planted which leads to healthier plant growth and better success rates in your urban gardening efforts.

Episode 3: The Seed Sovereignty Movement

As part of our overall effort to help the environment, episode 3 will tackle the biodiversity, culture and food security or the why's of seed saving. The Seed Sovereignty Movement highlights the importance of safekeeping seeds not only for future planting seasons, but also to ensure the capacity of communities to grow food that is safe, healthy, and biodiverse.
hands planting with text 'Episode 3: The Seed Sovereignty Movement '
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hands sorting food with text 'Episode 4: Turn Waste into Valuable Resources'
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Episode 4: Turn Waste into Valuable Resources

Food waste is no doubt one of the top offenders when it comes to global pollution. The 4th episode of our LAFANG Webinar Series will help you deal with the complexity of the issues of packaging, food waste, and sustainable practices. Start making a difference by knowing the proper handling and storage of food products at home.

Download the file presented by our expert partners from Global Seed Savers for FREE

To help reduce our carbon footprint, we hosted webinars aimed to teach our rockstars in food autonomy by growing their own produce and even how to start a home garden.

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Carbon Footprint Quiz

Knowing your carbon footprint score is the first step in leading a greener life and ultimately helping make the earth a better planet to live in. Your everyday decisions builds up to your carbon footprint score. Here’s a 5 – minute quiz to help you calculate your score as you start your journey to be an Earth Advocate.

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Hey there, Earth Advocate! 🌎

Thank you for your continuous efforts in making sure that you lower your carbon footprint score. Did you know that growing your own food through a home garden allows you the independence to decide what goes into your plants and your soil - which can then reduce the amount of harmful chemicals polluting our environment and waterways!

Download the LAFANG Webinar Series deck designed to help you through each step of your urban gardening.

We hope to see you in our future CSR activities!