Description: This model employs a pricing structure based on a flat project fee to produce something like a website or animation, normally based on detailed specifications communicated and agreed before the project starts; or pricing based on an hourly fee that can be estimated and fixed up front or billed on a rolling basis for services such as online marketing or data entry; or rolling pricing based on a fixed fee for output such as data entry units or processed images.

Indicators: This is convenient for projects of a set scope or duration or where revenue is directly linked to the discreet products produced.

Advantages: Fixed and predictable costs.  Costs linked to product output.

Examples: Websites, web applications, online marketing, SEM, PPC, content marketing, graphic design, photo retouching and data processing.

Getting Started: Provide a detailed project or process description to Sourcefit along with your goals and we will deliver a detailed project estimate to which we will faithfully adhere.