Although there may be a host of short-term goals that occupy business owners and managers on a day-to-day basis; the most essential and fundamental of all objectives is to increase the value of the business. So the decision to outsource should be no different than any other business decision, in that its impact on the long-term value of the enterprise should be taken into account along with the benefit of any immediate cost cutting.

When we consider that the value of a business is normally determined by what the business owns, is owed and how much the business can be counted to on earn into the future; then the simplest math that has driven more and more companies of all sizes around the world to begin outsourcing is simply that lower costs drive increased earnings, which in turn drives increased value.

But outsourcing has the potential to deliver more value to businesses than simply lower costs.

Sourcefit is committed to concept of building what we call
‘process equity.’

Process equity is the business know-how, resources, talent and infrastructure that enable a company to remain highly competitive within its industry over the long term. If you’re going to create a software firm, for example, a potential buyer or investor is going to look not only at your product and earnings but also at your ability to continue to innovate and expand in a way that keeps you ahead of the competition well into the future. In line with this, you may think that if you don’t have a team of developers working within your offices as full-time employees, then your development team may not register fully as this type of company asset. But the problem with that scenario is that in-house development teams are extremely expensive and may also be impossible to recruit, depending on how tight your local labor market is.

Enter Sourcefit. If you build an offshore team with Sourcefit in the Philippines; not only does all of their work product belong to you, but they act entirely as your own dedicated employees and you may maintain control of them even if you end your relationship with us. They are truly your own self-sustaining entity that builds value for you both through the product of their work and through the structure and efficiency of their output. Knowledge is accumulated and transferred to your local organization and also passed on to new members of your remote team. Our ultimate goal is that they not only function as if they were your local team, but that they add even more value to your enterprise than a local team because they can keep you competitive through a wider range of market conditions.

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