Web Design Experts

For many businesses, their online presence defines their identity to customers and businesses much more than their real-world presence. And virtually every business can benefit by presenting themselves via a dynamic and informative website. But the task of creating just the right online presence can be challenging. The choices range from inexpensive but limited web-creation tools to expensive, fully customized solutions created by dedicated interactive agencies. With businesses under ever-increasing pressure to maximize their resources, choosing the right way forward can be critical.

The problem with a pre-packaged solution or template-driven site is that not only will the site be difficult to change and adapt as the business grows, but also the company will miss the valuable opportunity to work with specialists who can draw on their experience to create a site that is flexible, upgradeable, and well suited to the specific needs of the company. But online developers and specialists are expensive and by starting down that path, the company will be obligated to continue investing heavily for site revisions and expansion.

Sourcefit bridges the gap between the two alternatives by offering fully customized solutions for a fraction of the cost of local agencies by utilizing our award-winning Philippine-based design and development team. We are dedicated to creating sites that not only offer advanced functionality, expandability and clean, cutting-edge design, but also capture the spirit and essence of our clients’ vision.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully Customized – Built to Your Specifications
  •  More than Just a Site – A Complete Strategy
  •  Award-Winning Design
  •  Utilizing Latest Techniques
  •  Guaranteed Best Practices
  • SEO-Oriented
  •  Content Consultation
  •  Marketing Consultation
  •  Advanced Functionality Available
  •  Fraction of the Cost of Local Market


Entry Level

$1,000.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$9.00 / hour

(Small Projects)

Mid Level

$1,600.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$10.00 / hour

(Small Projects)

Expert Level

$2,100.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$14.00 / hour

(Small Projects)