The commodities market is known for its volatility; and mining and environmental firms are facing pressure to keep costs down across the board while delivering consistent returns. The intense competition to recruit highly-skilled professionals is another challenge that leaves some businesses unable to cope. Environmental companies, for example, are often over-committed and understaffed. To be able to focus on long-term growth, many firms are turning to third parties to fill in skills shortages and achieve cost and process efficiencies.

Cost reduction and the drive for efficiency have long informed outsourcing decisions among commodity organizations. Partnerships with third parties are undertaken to convert fixed costs into variable costs, minimizing the risk of negative margins in low-production volume scenarios. To avoid immense capital investment, commodities companies also prefer to outsource activities that rely heavily on fixed investment.

Working with an offshore staffing solutions partner like Sourcefit can further drive down costs and allow a company to divert human capital and other resources into core activities.

Outsourcing Geologist Services to the Philippines

Sourcefit works with mining and environmental businesses to help them deliver optimal results and achieve sustained success. Sourcefit provides the services of highly-skilled and experienced geologists in the Philippines at the fraction of the cost of local markets. Some of the roles that our people can fill include:

Geologist (Senior/Lead)

Geologist (Junior)


Geologic Analyst

Geologic Researcher

Geotechnical Engineer

Geologist Consultant

Camp Manager

Geotechnical Assistant

The domain expertise of Sourcefit geologists extends to all areas of the field: database management, drilling campaign design, analysis and planning, resource modeling and estimation, QA/QC and reconciliation to geostatistical analysis, grade control, and resource reviews and audits. Our scientists have extensive experience in metals, coal and minerals exploration, geological evaluations, gold deposits evaluation, and iron ore mineral resource estimation, as well as expertise in local and international reporting standards. They are experts in the latest resource estimation modeling software and sophisticated geostatistical tools and processes to design mineral resource models and benchmark exploration performance.

Other capabilities of our geologists and scientists:

Remote exploration

Resource estimation

Resource equipment hire

Mine geology

Corporate geology

Geostatistical analysis and evaluation

Geotechnical modeling

Review and valuation of exploration programs

Mineral exploration performance analysis

Creation of geologist and technical reports

Geology software training and geological field skills

Consulting and advisory

Geological risk identification and management

Benefits of Outsourcing Geologist Staffing to Sourcefit

Trusted Partner

Our deep industry experience and commitment to excellence as a global staffing solutions provider informs everything we do at Sourcefit. Our goal is not simply to provide highly-skilled, low-cost geology professionals, specialists and personnel, but to build long-term business relationships based on trust. We are committed to our clients and our employees and aim to find the best fit for all parties.


We tailor each solution to the changing demands of each client and provide the utmost transparency and flexibility in terms of pricing. Our clients always have the opportunity to evaluate skills and present needs before deciding on a permanent hire. You can build an entire team of offshore geologists or hire one dedicated specialist to augment internal staff.


Our recruiting philosophy and practices are founded on the highest standards in the industry for a staffing solutions provider. Our experienced recruiters have in-depth knowledge of the mining and environmental fields and an extensive network of industry contacts. To streamline the recruitment process and ensure that talent perfectly matches the role, our recruiters seek and screen only the most promising candidates, from entry-level to senior or management positions.

Features & Benefits

  • Domain Expertise
  • Convert Fixed Cost to Variable Cost
  • Minimizes Risk
  • Divert Resources to Core Activities
  • Lower Capital Investment
  • Gain a Trusted Partner
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Pricing Transparency & Flexibility
  • Proven Recruiting Methods
  • Wide Experience
  • Timely & Competent Decision-making
  • Time-Zone Coverage
  • Better Speed to Market
  • Optimal Results
  • Ability to Control Cost & Scale
  • Sustained Success


Entry Level

$1,250.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

Mid Level

$2,000.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

Expert Level

$2,700.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)