Staff Leasing Fees

Staff Leasing is our most popular outsourcing model. Below are indicative prices for a variety of specialties. These prices are all-inclusive and there are no additional start-up costs.

Billing Calculation

Our pricing follows a simple formula that computes raw salaries plus taxes, benefits, infrastructure, and management. We offer a high degree of billing transparency so clients can feel assured that they are getting the most for their money.

At Sourcefit we feel we offer the best value proposition within the Philippine outsourcing industry. We offer pricing that is among the lowest in the market while still investing in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and providing compelling employee benefit packages that help us attract and retain top talent.

Indicative Pricing

Below is a chart of indicative all-inclusive pricing for monthly staff leasing.

ProfileEntry LevelMid LevelExpert Level
AutoCAD Drafter$1130$1250$1500
Community Moderation$980$1050$1200
Customer Service$980$1100$1300
Data Processing$980$1200$1500
Graphic Designer$1050$1517$2033
HR Support$980$1200$1500
IT Support: System/Network Admin$1130$2033$2808
Live Chat Support$950$1100$1300
Virtual Assistant$980$1200$1500
Quality Assurance/Testing$980$2033$2808
Software Development$1130$2033$3840
Storyboard Artists$1130$1517$1775
Web Designer$1130$1775$2291
Web Developer$1130$2033$3840
Content Marketing$1130$1388$1775
E-mail Marketing$1130$1388$1775
Insurance Support$980$1200$1500
Medical Billing$980$1200$1500
Lawyers & Paralegals$970$1800$3000
Real Estate Support$980$1200$1500
Logistics Support$980$1200$1500
Big Data Specialists$1130$2549$3840
Big Data Scientists$1130$3066$4616