Sourcefit’s Commitment to Security: Celebrating Our Fortress Cybersecurity Award Win

Fortress Cyber Security Award


Why This Award Matters

We’re thrilled to announce that Sourcefit has been awarded the coveted Fortress Cybersecurity Award in the Compliance and Leadership category. This honor underlines our unwavering commitment to maintaining stringent IT and network security compliance standards, ensuring we serve our global clientele optimally, and showcasing our expertise in safeguarding and securing our client’s data. 

Our Standing in the BPO Sector

We are proud to boast a diverse range of expertise. Our proficiency extends to IT and network security, where we uphold a commitment to transparency and compliance. Aligned with rigorous international certification standards, our foremost goal is to deliver steadfast services while prioritizing data protection and security.

More About the Fortress Cybersecurity Award

The Compliance Category sheds light on the pivotal role of security compliance in enhancing a company’s IT framework. Implementing such standards is crucial for businesses to bolster their defense mechanisms against potential cyber threats.

Receiving the Leadership award holds a significant importance as it publicly recognizes and validates our exceptional efforts in advancing cybersecurity through innovative thinking. This recognition not only celebrates individual accomplishments but also contributes to the broader cybersecurity community.

Our Approach to Secure IT and Network Operations

Our dedication to transparency manifests in our rigorous adherence to global certification standards. Not only does this vouch for our service quality, but it also fortifies data protection for our clients and employees.

To us, IT and network security are paramount. Recognizing the value of our client’s data, we’ve fortified its defense through advanced encryption and regular audits. Plus, our alignment with benchmarks like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA allows us to cater uniquely to each client, tailoring solutions to their specific needs.

How Sourcefit Adapts & Excels Amid Challenges

Adapting to the remote work landscape post-COVID-19 posed challenges. Our objective? Ensuring secure domain connections without compromising on security. Transitioning to Cloudflare WARP from traditional VPNs proved pivotal. Coupled with extensive employee training and stringent compliance protocols, we achieved a balance between security and flexibility, ensuring our team could work securely from any location.

Partner with Sourcefit: Your Key to Cybersecurity Excellence

Choosing Sourcefit means stepping into a collaboration where every process is underscored by cybersecurity. Our recent recognition in the Compliance category of the Fortress Cybersecurity Award attests to this commitment. Engage with a partner who prioritizes your data’s safety, transparency in operations, and the highest compliance standards.

Join us as we continue to innovate, overcoming challenges and setting benchmarks in the BPO industry. Experience the Sourcefit difference today.