Sustainability, Quality, and Innovation: Sourcefit Triumphs at the 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards

Marketing Excellence Awards 1We are thrilled to share our exciting journey at the 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards where we achieved resounding success. This marks our second consecutive year of recognition and is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in sustainability and innovations. These awards celebrate the meaningful work and lasting impact we do at Sourcefit, and we’re excited to share our achievements with you.

Recently, we attended the 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards. For the second consecutive year, our commitment to sustainability and innovation was acknowledged. This recognition prompted introspection for us at Sourcefit, reminding us of our ongoing dedication to these ideals.

Setting the Stage for Success in 2022

Marketing Excellence Awards 2In 2022, we were humbled to receive four awards, highlighting the direction we were taking. These recognitions underscored our dedication to innovation and thoughtful marketing approaches.

Silver in Excellence in Marketing Transformation: Marketing Digitalization Campaign

In the digital age, transformation is imperative. We revolutionized our marketing processes, implementing a streamlined, future-proof system. This system enabled remote oversight, eliminating workplace silos, and making communication transparent and accessible to all team members.

Further upskilling our domain expertise was pivotal. By automating our operations, we enhanced not only our marketing but overall operational efficiency.

Silver in Excellence in Relationship Marketing: Inspire to Impact Campaign

Our Inspire to Impact Campaign embodied our dedication to preserving essential life elements: food, fresh water, and a stable climate. Through meaningful partnerships, we continuously impact the lives of our community and the environment.

Prioritizing environmental preservation is central to our mission, guiding us toward a more sustainable future. This award acknowledges our shared commitment to fostering positive change.

Bronze in Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Carbon Footprint CSR Initiative

Corporate social responsibility is ingrained in Sourcefit’s culture. Partnering with organizations that share our vision for a sustainable future, we engaged in three projects – the Learning Advocacy for Food, Agriculture, Nature & Growth (LAFANG) – Webinar Series, the Go Beyond Sustainable Christmas Baskets Project, and the Soilmate Tree Planting Initiative.

These initiatives not only embraced sustainability but enriched the lives of our employees, fostering a healthier and greener lifestyle while fulfilling our social responsibility.

Bronze in Excellence in Viral Marketing: The World is Yours Campaign

Leveraging the potential of viral marketing, Sourcefit’s “The World is Yours” Campaign spread educational content across various social media platforms. With the rise of collaborative viral content, our goal was to broaden our message’s reach and inspire a more eco-friendly approach in everyday activities.

Staying aligned with current online trends, we introduced a challenge, prompting individuals to become aware of their carbon footprint and adopt measures to mitigate pollution. This effort not only resonated with many but also fostered a sense of community around eco-awareness.

Reflecting on 2022, we see how those steps helped shape the successes of the subsequent year. The endeavors and campaigns from that year contributed to the recognition we received at the 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards.

2023: Another Year of Remarkable Achievements

Marketing Excellence Awards 3Marketing Excellence Awards 4

This year, we had the opportunity to be recognized at the Marketing Excellence Awards, underscoring our continued efforts in the industry. Building on the momentum from 2022, we received acknowledgments in three categories. These recognitions reflect our ongoing commitment to enhancing our services and understanding the evolving needs of our clients through our innovative campaigns.

🥇 Gold Award for Excellence in Marketing Transformation

Campaign: Comfortable at Home – “The Sourcefit Brand Center”

Comfortable at HomeIn the dynamic world of business, building a strong and cohesive brand identity is essential for long-term success. An organization’s brand center serves as a centralized hub that houses and governs all brand-related assets, guidelines, and strategies. From ensuring consistency to driving brand equity, the Sourcefit brand center plays a pivotal role in shaping perceptions, enhancing customer experiences, and fostering brand loyalty.

In our award-winning campaign, “Comfortable at Home: The Sourcefit Brand Center,” we tackled the challenges of remote collaboration and bridging the virtual divide head-on. Our unique strategy aimed to mitigate risks and promote effective teamwork in a remote work environment. One of the core elements of this strategy was eliminating the need for on-premises desktops, allowing our team to access documents and schedules on the go, thus enhancing work-life harmony for every Sourcefit employee.

Our brand center empowers brand guardians, such as marketing teams and brand managers, to effectively protect and nurture the brand identity. This safeguarding of brand integrity prevents unauthorized modifications, maintains visual coherence, and upholds the organization’s brand equity.

Efficiency in brand management is at the core of our strategy. With easy accessibility and centralized control, brand managers can efficiently distribute, update, and track the usage of brand assets, ensuring brand consistency and compliance across all channels. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces errors and enhances overall brand effectiveness.

Above all, our brand center streamlines collaboration. It serves as a central hub where different teams can access and contribute to brand-related projects, campaigns, and initiatives. This collaborative environment encourages knowledge sharing, creativity, and alignment, enabling diverse perspectives to shape and strengthen the brand.

With the Sourcefit Brand Center, we’ve created a hub that doesn’t just house our brand assets but also fosters teamwork, ensures brand consistency, and empowers our teams to work effectively from anywhere. This campaign not only exemplifies our commitment to excellence in marketing but also our dedication to embracing the evolving work landscape and leveraging it for success.

🥈 Silver Award for Excellence in CSR/Cause Marketing

Campaign: Leading the Carbon Footprint Revolution

Leading the Carbon Footprint RevolutionIn 2022, Sourcefit embarked on a journey to address environmental concerns within our organization. Understanding the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, we initiated an internal study. Through interviews with select employees, we identified waste management, energy usage, and food choices as key drivers behind our carbon footprint.

Armed with new information, we developed a specialized Carbon Footprint quiz that was distributed to all employees. The results provided us with valuable insights into our greenhouse gas emissions and individual carbon footprint scores. This information was instrumental in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and inspire our employees and local communities to join us on this eco-conscious mission.

In response to the quiz results, which highlighted trash/waste, food choices, and air pollution as the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions, we launched focused campaigns to address these areas and reduce our carbon footprint as an organization. Our average score of 17,418, a 5.14% decrease from the previous year, demonstrates our dedication to this cause. In response, we initiated focused campaigns to address these areas and achieve a lower carbon footprint as an organization.

• Go Beyond Sustainable Christmas Baskets: Last year, our Go Beyond Christmas Basket made a profound impact in the community, promoting eco-friendly practices during the holiday season. This year, we’re taking it a step further with an exclusive partnership with the Quezon City government to support communities in need across a wider area.

• Go Brigada x (LAFANG) Learning Advocacy for Food, Agriculture, Nature & Growth Workshop: Our informative webinar series from last year is transforming into an interactive workshop in partnership with local schools. We’re supporting these schools, fostering a positive attitude towards learning while promoting sustainable practices.

• Soilmate Tree Planting Project: Our commitment to environmental preservation continues as we partner with the ABS-CBN Foundation Bantay Kalikasan to adopt and plant seedlings in the La Mesa Nature Reserve. This initiative aims to reduce our carbon footprint, support local conservation efforts, and promote sustainable land practices.

🥉 Bronze Award for Excellence in Relationship Marketing

Campaign: Catalysts of Change

CATALYSTS OF CHANGEAt Sourcefit, we recognize the urgent need to tackle the challenges of carbon footprint reduction and sustainability in our industry. We’re committed to seeking innovative solutions that balance energy optimization and operational efficiency. To raise awareness and foster a deeper understanding of our collective impact on the environment, we utilize our Carbon Footprint Quiz. This web-based assessment created by Sourcefit is tailored to align with the Filipino lifestyle and provides valuable insights into the environmental consequences of our daily activities.

Leveraging the insights gathered from our Carbon Footprint Quiz, we pinpointed areas where we could make a real impact based on our lifestyle choices. Armed with this valuable information, we’ve taken proactive steps as a company to champion sustainability, support local and organic suppliers, and raise awareness of the ecological repercussions of our dietary habits. As a result, we’ve made significant progress in reducing our organization’s annual Carbon Footprint emissions.

Finalist for Excellence in Viral Marketing

Campaign: Christmas Time’s Everlasting Love

The holiday season is special for Filipino families, symbolizing joy, unity, and the tradition of bringing loved ones together. However, this time also poses challenges for many households, linked to income, social expectations, and economic conditions. As the demand for imported and processed goods increases, the local farming sector faces a decline in demand for organic produce.

To address this, we’ve implemented sustainable practices and community-driven initiatives to bridge this gap and create a more equitable food system. Our impactful campaigns aim to inspire and empower our employees, influence other organizations to adopt similar strategies and make a meaningful impact in our communities and beyond.

Our “Go Beyond Christmas Basket” outreach program has been a great success, providing eco-friendly goods to families in need. In the most recent initiative, we partnered with the non-profit organization Global Seeds Savers to provide fresh produce directly from Benguet farmers. This not only supports local farmers but also encourages healthier lifestyles among the families we assist.

We’ve also teamed up with Wil Dasovich, a content creator and advocate for a healthy lifestyle, to share good vibes and sustainable goods in Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City. The event featured 40 dedicated Sourcefit employees who volunteered for the program, delivering 3,000 baskets. This initiative was enthusiastically shared by Wil Dasovich with his vast audience, making a significant impact.

Our efforts go beyond immediate relief and focus on creating a ripple effect of change, making a meaningful impact in our communities and beyond. We remain committed to promoting sustainability and inspiring others to do the same.

A Decade of Dedication and Innovation

Sourcefit has come a long way since its inception, and the recognition we’ve received at the 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards is a testament to more than a decade of dedication and innovation. Over the years, our journey has been defined by our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients and our success has been made possible through a relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do. 

While these awards are a moment of celebration, they are also a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our talented team and the trust and support of our valued clients and partners.

The Heart of Our Success

At Sourcefit, the collective strength of our staff, clients, and partners is fundamental to our progress. We value the trust you’ve bestowed upon us and appreciate the insights you’ve shared, which have consistently guided our approach and refined our offerings. It’s your aspirations that inspire us to redefine excellence in the BPO sector.

Our heartfelt gratitude also goes to the Sourcefit team. Their passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to quality underpins our achievements. The acknowledgment at the Marketing Excellence Awards underscores their diligent efforts and steadfast dedication to meeting our clients’ needs.

A Pledge for the Future

As we stand on this humbling recognition, it is not just a time for celebration but also an opportunity to reiterate our pledge for the future. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions, building lasting relationships, and contributing positively to society through corporate social responsibility initiatives. Our journey continues, as we set our sights on new horizons and strive for even greater excellence in the years to come.

Here’s to a future filled with even more success and innovation!

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