Sourcefit’s Soilmate Project: A Corporate Social Responsibility Experience for Environmental Preservation

soilmateIn Sourcefit’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, the company has launched the Soilmate Project. This initiative aims to contribute to environmental preservation and create a sustainable community within the company. The Soilmate Project builds upon Sourcefit’s previous carbon footprint initiative, which involved a tree planting partnership with the Haribon Foundation in 2022. This year, Sourcefit has partnered with ABS-CBN Foundation Bantay Kalikasan and chosen the La Mesa Nature Reserve as the event location.

Understanding Carbon Footprint and Sustainability

Before diving into Sourcefit’s CSR initiatives, let’s first gain a better understanding of the concept of carbon footprint. A carbon footprint represents the total greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, released into the atmosphere as a result of individual, organizational, or national activities. It serves as a measure of the environmental impact caused by our daily actions, lifestyle choices, and decision-making processes.

Sourcefit is dedicated to sustainability and has taken significant steps to reduce its aggregated carbon footprint. They have launched various campaigns aimed at engaging their 1,500 employees in meaningful experiences. Through creating sustainable activities that resonate with their employees’ personal goals and advocacies, Sourcefit has successfully fostered a culture of environmental responsibility within the organization. Their initiatives specifically target areas such as food choices and transportation, recognizing that change begins from within.

Reflections on the Soilmate Project 2022

The Soilmate Project has become an integral part of Sourcefit’s CSR initiatives. In 2022, the project garnered immense support from Sourcefit employees, demonstrating their commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability. A total of 210 Sourcefit employees pledged their support for the project, setting the stage for a successful undertaking.

Collaborating with the Haribon Foundation’s Forest for Life Movement, Sourcefit volunteers embarked on a mission to plant 1,250 native tree seedlings. They were joined by 51 volunteers from corporate partners and MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). Together, they trekked up Mt. Batolusong in Tanay, Rizal, aiming to rejuvenate and preserve the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

The Sierra Madre Mountain Range plays a crucial role in protecting the Philippines from the devastating impact of natural disasters. By focusing their efforts on this significant ecosystem, Sourcefit and its partners aimed to create a more resilient and sustainable environment for local communities.

Soilmate Project 2022The Soilmate Project: Fostering a Sustainable Community

One of Sourcefit’s most notable CSR endeavors is the Soilmate Project, which reflects their commitment to environmental preservation and the creation of a sustainable community within the company. The project has gained significant momentum, rooted in love, hope, and the vision of a brighter future.

In collaboration with ABS-CBN Foundation Bantay Kalikasan, Sourcefit volunteers embarked on a mission to plant native tree seedlings at the La Mesa Nature Reserve in Quezon City. The partnership aimed to rejuvenate and preserve the only remaining forest in Metro Manila, Philippines, which plays a crucial role in protecting the Philippines from the destructive forces of natural disasters.

Tree Planting at La Mesa Nature Reserve

Soilmate 2023La Mesa Nature Reserve is a significant location for the Soilmate Project. It is often referred to as the “green lung” of the city. The reserve plays a crucial role in absorbing 3-5% of the carbon emissions in the metropolitan area. Additionally, it provides clean drinking water to approximately 25 million people in Metro Manila.

During the Soilmate Project tree planting event, Sourcefit employees and members of the Management Committee trekked for approximately 2 kilometers, enduring both sun and rain. The goal was to plant a total of 800 seedlings across 2 hectares of land within the La Mesa Nature Reserve.

The partnership between Sourcefit and ABS-CBN Foundation Bantay Kalikasan has resulted in a fulfilling and impactful endeavor. Through this collective effort, Sourcefit aims to contribute significantly to the preservation and restoration of the reserve’s natural ecosystem. This act of environmental stewardship combats climate change and its adverse effects by sequestering carbon dioxide and promoting biodiversity.

For the 80 Sourcefit employees who had the opportunity to participate in the exclusive tree-planting event, it was a truly gratifying experience. Despite the challenging trek and unpredictable weather conditions, the knowledge that their efforts were helping secure a better future for generations to come made it all worthwhile.

A Continuous Journey Towards Sustainability

Sourcefit’s Soilmate Project is a testament to the company’s dedication to environmental preservation and sustainability. Through tree planting initiatives and partnerships with organizations like ABS-CBN Foundation Bantay Kalikasan and Haribon Foundation, Sourcefit is actively contributing to the restoration and preservation of natural ecosystems in the Philippines. By involving employees and fostering a sense of community, Sourcefit is creating a lasting impact on both its workforce and the environment.

As the Soilmate Project continues to evolve and grow, Sourcefit remains committed to its mission of creating a sustainable future for all. Through ongoing CSR initiatives, the company strives to influence others to take action and make a positive difference in the world.

Joining the Movement Towards a Greener Future

As individuals and organizations, we share a collective responsibility to protect our planet and mitigate the effects of climate change. Sourcefit’s efforts highlight the power of collaboration and small actions, showing that even seemingly insignificant contributions can make a significant difference when united under a common goal.

Let us draw inspiration from Sourcefit’s commitment to sustainability and join the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can create a world where businesses prioritize environmental responsibility and work towards a harmonious coexistence with nature.

Soilmate 2023To learn more about your own environmental impact, take Sourcefit’s Carbon Footprint quiz here: