TESDA Announces Training Programs and Certifications for BPOs

Vocational and training school TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) recently announced training programs for near-hires and certification for trainers for business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines.

The government-run agency encouraged local BPO firms to register their company training programs for “near-hires.” After signing up, TESDA will offer accreditation to the trainers and free training for applicants that are almost-hired. 

TESDA aims to improve the skills of trainers by helping develop their teaching skills, techniques, and teaching principles of becoming effective leaders. TESDA will qualify and certify the trainers to make sure that they are competent and capable of developing the skills of the near-hires. 

The state-run skills training school hopes to have trainers earn national technical vocational education and training trainer’s certificates (NTTC) in an effort to improve the level of training of Filipino employees in BPO firms, as well as contribute to the talent pool for BPO companies and help drive greater employment. The NTTC or certification from TESDA is valid for five years.

The target is to have all trainers enrolled in all TESDA vocational courses certified by the state-run school by Sept. 30 of this year.