Sourcefit Launches Turnkey Marketing and CRM Service for Small and Emerging Businesses

Sourcefit, Inc., a leading provider of productivity and business-process-outsourcing (BPO) solutions, has announced Customer Fit, a new integrated product suite aimed at supporting the customer acquisition and support needs of small and medium businesses.

“In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, every customer is important for small and medium-sized businesses,” says Sourcefit President Andy Schachtel. “Too often, potential new customers are not discovered and existing customers are not retained because businesses lack the resources to implement a dynamic and integrated marketing and customer relationship program. Now, Customer Fit offers businesses a comprehensive, affordable way to locate, reach and retain customers. Companies will finally be able to take their marketing and support to the next level and break through capital constraints by outsourcing the entire process to a specialist for a price that makes business sense,” he adds.

Customer Fit brings the entire customer acquisition and support process together into one system for one low price. The full Customer Fit packaage provides targeted consumer or business leads; creates all necessary marketing materials; contacts the leads via telephone, e-mail or traditional direct mailing; integrates the leads with any existing CRM system; creates customer support scripts for any product; provides online and telephone customer sales support and/or technical support; and delivers detailed reports and analytics. Customer Fit is comprised of four components and there are several packages that allow customers to choose the services that fit their unique business needs:

Process Analysis and Optimization. The first step in the Customer Fit program is a complete no-obligation analysis of the client’s customer-facing systems, including all CRM functions, teleservices, online programs, support materials and other methods utilized by the client to attract and retain customers. After assessing each aspect of the client’s CRM process, Sourcefit will provide a complete roadmap for rationalizing all procedures to cut costs, increase sales, organize data and allow the client to focus on their core operations.

Integration and Development. Sourcefit will then organize all pertinent data regarding new and potential customers. This includes research and development of new sales channels, as well as processing existing customer data and ensuring that it is available for support and development.

Staffing and Operations. A major component of the Customer Fit program is staffing. Sourcefit specializes in offshore staffing of Customer Support and Sales professionals; delivering experienced, highly motivated staff for a fraction of the cost of local markets. Customer Fit enables companies to leverage new sales channels and offer industry-leading support for a price that fits any budget.

Reporting and Data Provisioning. Customer Fit’s tight integration of each phase of customer interaction ensures that data is collected, utilized, analyzed and reported effectively and efficiently. Finally, small and medium businesses are able to make use of sophisticated data mining and analysis techniques to supercharge their marketing efforts.

Benefits of Customer Fit:

  • – Streamlined sales and marketing processes
  • – Higher sales productivity
  • – Improved sales and technical support
  • – Added cross-selling and up-selling
  • – Improved service, loyalty, and retention
  • – Increased call center productivity
  • – Better profiling and targeting
  • – Reduced expenses
  • – Higher overall profitability
  • – Outsourcing enables focus on core activities

 by Andy Schachtel