Philippines can be Mobile Applications Outsourcing Hub

Talented Filipino developers are increasingly supplying applications for mobile phones for both the domestic and foreign markets. The Philippines can take advantage of the popularity of mobile communication devices worldwide and serve as a centre for outsourcing mobile application development. These are statements made at the recent Power Mac Center Mobile App Development Seminar by Ramon Pastor, a speaker from Numlock Solutions.

“Worldwide, demand is higher than the supply. That’s why we have to encourage developers to go into mobile apps development to take advantage of this growth,” Pastor added. “The Philippines can be on the world map for mobile application development. We want to tell the world if they want mobile apps, they can come to the Philippines.”

The challenge ahead is to be able to increase the number of mobile apps developers locally in order to meet the increasing global demand within the next three to four years, where it is projected that demand for mobile applications will significantly increase.

The demand for mobile apps has grown as smartphone use has increased and people have become aware that they can do more than just calling, texting and checking emails from their mobile phone handsets. Furthermore, “companies are beginning to understand they can have apps made for mobile platforms. More companies are realizing that entertainment, banking, shopping, products and services through mobile apps is a powerful marketing tool and a means to put their products and services literally at the fingertips of their clients,” he added.

At the moment, the Philippines is not yet a popular mobile apps development destination because many companies are not aware that mobile apps development services exist locally. “That is why we have to drive people and companies to join the industry and popularize the service. Demand is so high, but most of them go to other countries to outsource. We hope that soon we will be able to take advantage of this demand,” Pastor added as an ending note to his speech. 


– Manila Bulletin / Emmie V. Abadilla / September 19, 2011