Global Animation Software Industry to Post 18.1% Growth

An industry report shows that the global animation software industry is projected to post 18.1% growth from 2011 to 2015.

The report from Research and Markets indicates that the entertainment industry’s growing adoption of animation content is one of the key factors driving the growth of the global animation software market. 

Recent increased demand for 3D and 2D animation content for movies worldwide is also a major factor.

The report also mentions the video gaming industry as another of what it calls “major adopters of animation software.” The growing clamor for games with better visual graphics is driving up the gaming industry’s demand for animation software.

Aside from that, the animation software market across the globe is also experiencing major growth in the outsourcing of animation content., which posted the article on Research and Markets’ projections for the global animation software industry, quoted an analyst from the engineering team at TechNavio who commented on the Research and Markets report. 

The analyst said, “The outsourcing of animation content is an emerging trend in the market. Organizations in the animation industry are outsourcing their animation content to reduce their production costs. Some developed countries have begun to outsource animation content to countries in the APAC region such as the Philippines, Japan, Korea, and India, thereby tapping the cost advantage. Thus, the outsourcing of animation content helps many animation software vendors increase their market presence across the world.”