5 Benefits of Nearshoring in the Dominican Republic

If to outsource is to hire a third-party firm to perform tasks, handle operations or provide services for your company, then nearshoring helps you decide where you want to perform these operations. 

Sourcefit is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm situated in Manila, Philippines, that specializes in Custom Offshore Staffing Solutions. It offers process consultancy and highly skilled staff to small and big companies. They upgrade your outsourcing strategy by helping you to lower your business costs while you increase productivity in your company. The business pledges to collaborate closely with clients to develop long-term plans that will transform offshore endeavors into a real, enduring value. 

Recently, Sourcefit decided to take advantage of nearshoring opportunities in the Dominican Republic to be the center of our operations in your similar time zone. Let’s explore the reasons why we decided to do nearshoring in the Dominican Republic:


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#1: Nearshoring Shares Similar Time Zones With the United States and Europe

The initial advantage of nearshoring in the Dominican Republic is that it shares similar time zones with the United States and Europe. Positioning your staff to work across time zones may be difficult, especially when exploring new ideas or working on large projects. Also, by having your team two hours away from the Miami International Airport, it will be easier for you to have in-person meetings and cooperate digitally. As a result, it will be simpler for agents and clients to collaborate.



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#2: Nearshoring Provides a Highly Skilled, Multilingual Workforce

Second, Nearshoring in the Dominican Republic will open the door for a highly-skilled, multilingual workforce in your company. Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, and Italian are common languages spoken by agents. It is a result of the tourist options that the country offers. Furthermore, the 2.6 trillion GDP in the U. S Latino Market and the 1.9 trillion purchasing power hit in 2020 make you take advantage of the market and offer Spanish services for your company.



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#3: Nearshoring Allows You to Avoid Potential Cultural Barriers

Third, having cultural compatibility is essential for cooperation and problem resolution. Dominicans have a strong cultural affinity and economic ties with the U.S. It results in a working atmosphere, collaboration, and financial synergy. Nearshoring in the Dominican Republic makes it easier for agents and clients to communicate and interact with one another.



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#4: Nearshoring Is Cost-Effective

Fourth, although Latin America is not as inexpensive as other South-East Asian outsourcing centers, it certainly compares favorably to the United States due to cheaper service costs. Being closer to the service provider results in fewer travel expenses and faster time responses. Not to mention, businesses can save more money since there is no need for employees to work overtime or at night if you share a similar time zone with them. 



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#5: Nearshoring Means a Shorter Supply Chain for Your Business

Fifth, nearshoring in the Dominican Republic means a shorter supply chain for your business. Your manufacturing costs will be lower, your lead times will be shorter, your transportation costs will decrease more, and you will have more flexibility during unpredictable times. You will also benefit from faster, less expensive, and more consistent delivery.


To differentiate Sourcefit from other nearshoring organizations, the company guarantees that they will provide you with extra IT support,  ongoing pragmatic training for your employees, managed services/end-to-end solutions, and strong ties with your company. 

If you want to learn more about nearshoring in the Dominican Republic, follow @SourcefitDR on our social media and visit our website.