Elon Musk’s Starlink Is Coming to The Dominican Republic to Improve Nearshore Outsourcing

The news that moved the country: Starlink submitted a request to offer their fast satellite internet services in the Dominican Republic. As part of the presidential agenda for the 9th Summit of the Americas, the country’s president, Luis Abinader, visited  SpaceX in Los Angeles, California. Samuel Gibbs, IV President of Starlink Operations, received the president along with other important public figures from the country, such as Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez, Industry & Commerce Minister Victor (Ito) Bisonó, and ProDominicana director Biviana Riveiro.

Access to fast broadband internet will take network services in the Dominican Republic to a new level of high connectivity and low latency. It will ensure a profitable environment for even the most challenging outsourcing requests, making it inevitable for tech and support start-up companies to outsource there. The Dominican Republic will become the first country in the Caribbean to have access to Starlink while sharing this global service with 33 other countries.

Real-time access with the lowest latency in history: what does this mean for outsourcing?

With Starlink’s services, the lack of potent internet connectivity for video conferences and zoom meetings will no longer be a problem in the Dominican Republic. This will represent a significant outsourcing advantage. Tech companies will benefit the most from these advances as they’ll be able to access the Dominican Republic’s talent pool with shorter response times from professionals —especially developers, IT, and software engineers. But having advanced internet service isn’t the only benefit of nearshoring in the Dominican Republic.

Because of its rising touristic sector, the country provides a rich multilingual workforce that commonly speaks French, English, Portuguese, and Italian. Its native Spanish language is especially beneficial for the increasing Hispanic population within our market. The country is also known for outsourcing top-notch services at a low cost.

Even lower rates? 

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The Dominican Republic’s competitive rates on customer support services makes it a favored outsourcing destination. Call Centers in the Dominican Republic are 50%-65% less expensive than BPOs in the United States or Europe. Outsourcing closer to the service provider also means reduced travel expenses as well as lower manufacturing and shipping costs. Starlink offers low-cost internet access compared to other providers. This can be added to the long list of cost-efficient benefits of nearshoring in the Dominican Republic.

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