Elon Musk’s Starlink Coming to Dominican Republic to Improve Nearshore Outsourcing

The news that moved the country, was Dominican Republic’s President Luis Abinader visited the SpaceX in Los Angeles, California as part of the presidential agenda for the 9th Summit of the Americas. During the visit, the President accompanied by Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez, Industry & Commerce Minister Victor (Ito) Bisonó, and ProDominicana director Biviana Riveiro were guided by Samuel Gibbs IV Vice President of Starlink Operations. As reported, SpaceX division, Starlink submitted a request to offer their fast satellite internet services in the country. 

Access to fast broadband internet will take services in the Dominican Republic to a whole new level with high connectivity and low latency building the best environment for even the most challenging outsourcings request, and making it inevitable for tech and support start-up companies to get into the rocket. The country will become the first one in the Caribbean to have access to the service sharing the global services with 33 other countries.


Real-time access with the lowest latency in history: What does this mean for Outsourcing?

With Starlink’s services, the lack of internet connectivity for video conferences, zoom meetings, and calls will no longer be a problem in the Dominican Republic. This will represent a big advantage in real-time activities. Tech companies will benefit the most from these advances. Businesses will be able to access the talent pool of the Dominican Republic with shorter response times from professionals especially Developers, IT, and software engineers that can now access the latest technology in real-time. But also, if you are looking for better rates on Customer Services or Logistic support, the country can offer a multilingual workforce in Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, and Italian. With shorter lead times, companies will have more flexibility during volatile periods. Check How Nearshoring in the Dominican Republic Can Benefit Your Company

Even lower rates? 

Business team standing against window with leader in front

Starlink offers low-cost internet access compared to other providers. While the country is already known for its strong workforce and approachable cost, this will be an advantage for nearshore outsourcing companies in the country to offer the best rates in the Caribbean area. Call Centers in the Dominican Republic are 50%-65% less expensive than BPOs in the United States or Europe and this new development can make them even more cost-efficient. In addition, outsourcing closer to the service provider means less travel and a faster time to market. Thus, it offers a shorter supply chain for your company, and manufacturing and shipping costs will be lower.


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