IT Support – Network & Systems Administration

A New York-based, Microsoft Gold Partnered IT support and consulting firm needed capable network support engineers and system administrators with fluent English skills to provide remote support for their clients. In addition to their staffing needs, the company also needed robust, highly secure connectivity to client servers. They decided to select Sourcefit to provide their IT support outsourcing needs.

Recent advances in VOIP and networking technology have made it easier than ever to provide a wide range of IT support services from remote locations. But there is no substitute for great personnel who can communicate effectively with clients and make optimal use of the new tools at their disposal to solve problems. And with more and more small and medium businesses installing sophisticated networks that are critical to their businesses, the network and IT consulting industry is sure to see continued expansion. Those companies that are able to put in place the most efficient and cost-effective processes, such as outsourcing IT support services to less expensive locations, will be the ones that thrive.

By choosing Sourcefit, this client was able to cut their costs while also creating a dynamic and self-sustaining team in the Philippines able to function as if they were working from the company’s main office. The team is integrated via VOIP with the local PBX and connected via VPN to the company’s support system. Several techs have already been with the team for over 3 years, allowing them to master the company’s processes and effectively train succeeding team members.

Despite fluctuations in the economy, the client has been able to steadily expand their business and reach their business goals as a result of their decision to outsource their IP support processes to Sourcefit.

Services Provided

  • Recruiting and screening of candidates
  • Technical integration
  • Team oversight and support
  • Process consulting

Client Benefits

  • Lower costs
  • Access to highly trained staff
  • Sourcefit’s ‘dyamic oversight’ allows client peace of mind that their outsourced team will remain highly productive