Unpacking Sourcefit’s Tailored Outsourcing Services


In the ever-changing landscape of business, the only constant is change. For forward-thinking businesses, flexibility is key in taking full advantage of your specific commercial context, and Sourcefit is here to offer you a range of service models that fit your unique needs.

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Staff Leasing: Building Your Team, Your Way

Staff leasing with Sourcefit is just like having your very own dedicated offshore team without the associated hassle. We work with you to understand your goals, create a recruiting profile, and present candidates for your final interviews. No obligations until you find your ideal candidate. Sourcefit takes care of Human Resources, office needs, and infrastructure, while you manage their workflow. Our staff leasing solution enables your offshore team to function as smoothly as your local team.

Indicators: Ideal for ongoing projects, permanent staff needs, and finding optimal talent at an affordable cost.


• Simple setup with no upfront costs.
• Transparent, predictable costs.
• Sourcefit manages staff, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Examples: From customer service and design to online marketing and IT support, virtually any office-based process can be outsourced.

Getting Started: Share your staffing needs and integration goals, and we’ll work together to create a risk-free outsourcing plan.


Project and Output-Based: Getting Things Done, Your Way

This model is all about getting things done. Whether it’s a flat project fee or hourly billing, the costs are clear and linked to specific projects or services. No surprises, just results.

Indicators: Convenient for projects with a set scope or duration where costs are directly tied to what’s produced.


• Clear, predictable costs.
• Costs aligned with the actual output.

Examples: Think websites, online marketing, graphic design, and other projects that need a clear scope.

Getting Started: Describe your project or process, and we’ll deliver a detailed estimate that we’ll stick to faithfully.


Captive Services: Your Business, Your Way

For those who want to own their offshore business, Sourcefit helps set up and manage your corporate entity. Mitigate risk, leverage our expertise, and jumpstart your operations. Transition to independent operations or keep working with us for ongoing support.

Indicators: Perfect for those needing to own their offshore entity while minimizing risk and initial capital.


• Treat the operation as a corporate asset.
• More control with managed risk.

Examples: Suited for companies with long-term international strategies across various industries.

Getting Started: Let’s do our due diligence, assess your requirements, and craft a plan that suits your unique business needs.


Small Business Packs: Big Services for Smaller Businesses

Tailor-made for smaller businesses needing ongoing services without the need for a full-time specialist. Small Business Packs offer a team of specialists for a budget-friendly monthly fee.

Examples: Choose from Small Marketing or Small Support Packs, customized to your requirements.

Getting Started: Reach out to configure a Small Business Pack that suits your needs and budget.



Why Sourcefit? Because Your Business Deserves More

At Sourcefit, we’re not just offering outsourcing solutions; we’re your partner in building lasting value for your business.

Our operational models are versatile, giving you options that align with your goals and operational needs. With Sourcefit, you’re not just outsourcing; you’re forging a practical partnership that adapts to your business dynamics, helping you succeed.


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About Us

Sourcefit – your preferred accounting service provider – is a widely recognized US-managed business process outsourcing company based in Manila, Philippines. We proudly serve over 100 clients with a workforce of more than 1,300 employees. Our global centers can serve multiple markets, and our staff is highly proficient in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Whether you need a few or many employees, we can help you achieve your business goals and build high-quality offshore teams.

Latest Awards

Sourcefit’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous industry awards and certifications.

We recently received the Fortress Cyber Security Award from the Business Intelligence Group. Sourcefit was also honored with the prestigious recognition of Best Outsourcing Solutions Provider in the Philippines during the 2023 Business Excellence Awards.

Other awards include: FT ranking of 500 high-growth Asia-Pacific, The Marketing Excellence Awards, Inquirer Growth ChampionHR Asia Awards, among others.

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