Why Hire an SEO Expert in the Philippines

Why hire an SEO expert in the Philippines? Why do SEO at all? The answer is website traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business with an online presence. The higher a website’s ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines, the more visitors that website will receive. Besides their basic search function, search engines control what users see first, pushing the most relevant content to the top of the results list. Certain factors determine which sites are shown first to users and which are not: content usefulness, suitable anchor text, site navigability, excellent user experience, among many others.


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Search engine optimization or SEO is an internet marketing strategy that aims to make pages rank higher in search engine results. SEO tactics include publishing relevant and high-quality content and promoting pages to increase the number of backlinks or links from other, often higher-ranking pages. The core of good SEO is helping search engines pull data from a website in order to index pages for ranking.

New technology, algorithm change or update influence page rankings. For example, Google is increasingly moving toward mobile-first indexing, personalized search, local search and voice search, and machine learning is now being used in every aspect of the process. So it’s important to always have up-to-date strategies.

According to Google, mobile search is bringing more traffic to websites than desktop search, with most industries seeing mobile as their top source of website visitors. However, desktop remains the most-used device for product research. Efficient pages, particularly e-commerce websites, are responsive and optimized for both mobile and desktop.

What SEO Experts in the Philippines Can Do for Your Business

What SEO Experts in the Philippines Can Do for Your Business

Social Media Marketing

Posting on social media is the most popular marketing method used by influencers. Social media allows firms to promote their services where people spend their time the most. Social media allows advertisers to track potential and existing customers who like their services.

Some businesses choose social media marketing over email marketing, using social media to track subscribers and post promotions on their accounts. Subscribers can easily save the post, share it with their friends, and click a button to purchase a product or service.

With the right content, a new brand can become mainstream overnight. On the flipside, a brand’s reputation can be destroyed by a single customer complaint. This highlights the importance of utilizing multiple marketing strategies and making customer satisfaction the top priority, regardless of channel.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is paid advertising that promotes businesses and boosts rankings in the ‘Sponsored Ads’ section of search results. Unlike organic ads that take time to work, PPC can boost conversion rates more quickly. Even though organic listings usually outperform PPC campaigns over the long-term, the biggest advantage of paid ads is that they work almost immediately.

Paid ads are shown prominently (usually above and to the right of regular listings) on the page. While not foolproof (many people tend to ignore paid ads and display/banner ads), a good PPC campaign combined with organic SEO allows businesses to reach the most people and potential customers.

Search engine specialists in the Philippines create PPC campaigns that enable clients to get more clicks for the money they spend on paid ads every month. As pages rank higher with organic SEO, PPC campaigns will bring in revenues to support business growth.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design and Development from an SEO Expert

Some startups don’t make SEO a priority when building an online presence, but creating an SEO-friendly website from the get-go will work wonders for the bottom line for both the short and long term. For best results, SEO experts in the Philippines often work within a team composed of other experts like web designers, web developers (front and back-end), graphic artists, content specialists and marketing professionals. After the consultation, a graphic mockup is presented to the client for approval.

SEO-friendly web developers understand the need to engage page visitors quickly and keep them interested by creating a well-organized and professional website. Developers implement the right SEO strategies recommended by SEO specialists to convert these visits into sales. By integrating good SEO into web design, your website will look great and encourage visitors to become customers.

Creative Services/Content Creation

Search engines will always promote high quality content over spam or so-so content. If your content is irrelevant, spammy or tepid, people won’t pay attention. Two viral videos or images are not enough; you must create great content consistently to attract traffic, retain customers and boost conversions.

SEO experts in the Philippines provide content creation and creative services like graphic design and animation. SEO providers work with writers, subject matter experts, content managers, animators/illustrators, videographers and video editors to create optimized content for pages and social media channels.

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When to Outsource to an SEO Expert in the Philippines

Businesses in this digital age must create compelling and unique customer experiences through marketing. Forrester Consulting reported in 2017 that majority of global companies (87 percent) that participated in their survey wanted to achieve marketing that learns and optimizes from each customer interaction. Predictive marketing is a game changer in that marketers are able to anticipate consumer needs and reactions to marketing initiatives, including search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.

SEO is already adapting to disruptive technologies like mobility and social media. With more data available to them, SEO professionals can better understand customers and deliver tailored and relevant marketing strategies.

In order to overcome challenges, analysts urge marketers to prioritize customer recognition, nonlinear customer journey, real-time decision-making, and the use of first-party over external data.

Few firms are equipped with the tools to realize predictive and traditional SEO campaign objectives; most rely on partnerships with third parties that have the skills, expertise and resources to drive truly transformational marketing. Globalization has broadened options for businesses, and smart decision makers understand that it makes no sense for geographical boundaries to limit their search for SEO expertise.

Along with India, the Philippines was one of the earliest providers of outsourced services in the world, and its business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is one of the most mature and established. Every year, the country’s talent pool produces thousands of highly-skilled digital marketing and SEO professionals with customer-oriented training, many of whom end up working for established service providers serving global clients.

The question for most companies is to make a case for outsourced SEO based on their unique needs. It makes as much business sense to have an in-house SEO team or do the work yourself as it does to outsource online marketing or use a combination of strategies, depending on your objectives, requirements and available resources. Goals and requirements change, and your decision to outsource not only depends on what’s happening now, but long-term factors like business model, industry, location and financing.

Business Model


Digital marketing is important to any business with an online presence, but it is critical for online retailers and businesses that depend entirely on digital marketing strategies to survive. Effective SEO implementation is mission critical for e-commerce brands, for example. These types of businesses are more likely to need an in-house team, although outsourcing SEO to the right partner can be equally beneficial.

Talent Availability

Most web developers are trained to build SEO-friendly and responsive websites that are optimized for mobile browsing, but it is rare to find developers who are also SEO experts; that is, someone who implements the right strategies to make web pages rank highly on major search engines. Specific skills are required for website optimization, and whoever is in charge of your SEO campaigns must know what they’re doing.

A combination of SEO skills is often necessary. Take a close look at your current marketing team and list each person’s capabilities: writers, graphic designers, advertisers, social media managers, developers, etc. You may already have people with some fundamental SEO skills who just need a lead to bring the team together.

It helps to think in the long-term. Do you have plans of bringing more people on board in the next few months? What about expansion into new products/services or locations? Do you have the resources to recruit and maintain an in-house SEO team? If you plan to outsource SEO to the Philippines, identify the required input from your HR, IT, creative and other departments. Compare the talent and support needed to run in-house and outsourced SEO, and determine the impact on the bottom line.


An InfusionSoft article on top marketing trends in 2018 for small business owners mentioned that the majority (38 percent) of companies plan to invest money on social media marketing, while 30 percent will spend money on SEO/digital ads and 24 percent on website analytics. Meanwhile, 28 percent of small businesses won’t raise digital marketing spend, instead focusing on optimizing marketing budgets and looking for low-cost or free tools.

Cost is always a critical consideration for small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) and corporations, and is usually the leading reason why companies look for SEO expertise abroad. Before vetting potential vendors, determine how much it currently costs to run your SEO campaigns, in terms of cash, time, technology/tools, and talent.

According to Forbes.com, companies with an online marketing budget of $200 per month cannot afford to outsource, as providers who sell marketing services at this price point tend to be shady operators that take your money and do almost nothing for your business. With this budget, it’s better to do some research and find out how you can optimize your own website.

Various sources estimate that the average online marketing professional working full time will cost about $65,000 a year or more. It’s uncommon for one person to have all the required skills, and you are probably going to need 2-3 people to run effective marketing campaigns. This can easily cost up to $200,000 per year. The cost can be lower, of course, for industries with low competition or highly localized industries. Unless SEO agency fees exceed $15,000 per month, building an in-house SEO team doesn’t make financial sense.

Hiring in-house employees means a lot more than paying a salary. In addition to upfront costs, it involves recruitment, oversight, support, paperwork, training, taxes, health care, reward and retention. Having a well-oiled HR department puts you ahead of competitors in this case. Otherwise, working with an experienced partner will help avoid a lot of headaches. An established SEO service provider in the Philippines can work with you and tailor services to your goals and budget.

Before You Invest in a Search Engine Optimization Specialist


Due to the hundreds of the other tasks that business owners have to accomplish, SEO tends to stay on the back burner when building a website. That’s not a good overall strategy because a great SEO foundation will not only increase traffic and conversions, but will save you time and effort in the long run.

Before you invest, determine whether you really need to hire a local SEO professional. In a competitive market, businesses shouldn’t limit their hiring options locally or even nationally when alternatives are available. SEO experts are essentially location-independent and can work from anywhere. A popular, cost-effective option is to outsource and hire an SEO expert in the Philippines.

It takes time to see your website or keyword ranking number one on Google search. Before hiring an SEO expert in the Philippines, remember that it will take a lot of patience to increase rankings and become profitable. If you can’t wait that long and need quick results, consider other digital marketing tactics such as pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing. But as long-term strategy that will definitely complement your other marketing tactics, SEO is worth investing into.

High Quality Content

Content is another consideration. Building a high-quality collection of blog posts on your site will help boost rankings and make it easier for search engines to rank target keywords. One high quality blog post per week trumps five low-quality posts anytime. What content will you create regularly? Do you have people assigned to create the content or will it be the responsibility of the SEO expert in the Philippines that you will hire?

When hiring a SEO specialist in the Philippines, discuss target keywords and revise as you go. You need a specialist that will help make sure to monitor and protect that ranking to keep the revenue flowing. Ultimately, businesses must figure out the total cost of SEO outsourcing to determine their return on investment.

Choosing an SEO Specialist

SEO specialists in the Philippines either work freelance or are employed by companies as contract or full-time employees. Much of the SEO offered by vendors in the Philippines is white hat SEO, using optimization practices that comply with search engine guidelines. White hat SEO firms mostly utilize safe strategies and techniques, and SEO experts work hard to ensure that things are done the right way.

Like any other market, there are bad apples in the bunch. There are SEO sweatshops in the Philippines that exist just to make money, providing bad quality services and using outdated if not downright questionable techniques. These SEO professionals spin content, post spam on forums and blogs, etc. to boost rankings.

Clients that have had successful SEO partnerships in the Philippines are those that did their homework before outsourcing, researching the market and comparing vendors.

SEO Expert Philippines: Benefits of Outsourcing

The Philippine outsourcing industry is mature and has evolved to provide diversified business process services. What was once dominated by contact centers has since expanded to include higher-value knowledge solutions. Today, the Philippines remains one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world for digital marketing and SEO services.

The Philippines has a large workforce composed of young, highly educated professionals with excellent English communication skills. Labor and operational are lower in the Philippines than in North America and Europe, and the country has better cultural compatibility with the West compared to nearby locations.

The local government has ramped up infrastructure spending in 2017 to boost economic growth and support the outsourcing boom. Introduction of the K-12 education system, public-private training partnerships and undergraduate BPO preparation courses also aim to help graduates become more competitive in the global marketplace. With a large, upskilled talent pool, global clients can easily access top SEO experts in the Philippines.

SEO Experts & Specialists: The SEO Industry in the Philippines

Why Choose SEO Experts in the Philippines

SEO outsourcing to the Philippines has many benefits for businesses of all and sizes.

Lower costs. Cost is still the main reason companies outsource digital marketing services. Upfront costs associated with offshore SEO vary, and the costs for big projects can be significant. SEO experts in the Philippines provide high-quality results at a fraction of what you would spend on local professionals.

English proficiency.Most Filipinos speak English as a second language. English is widely used in business and government. English is taught in schools from pre-K to university, and college graduates have good English communication skills.

Strong social media marketing. The Philippines is the social media capital of the world, with a large portion of the population active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. SEO professionals in the country have in-depth understanding of social media marketing and how to leverage it to increase conversions in different niche markets.

Access to top SEO specialists and expert teams. SEO outsourcing to the Philippines allows you to access one professional or an entire team of experts with different specializations.

Scalable SEO services. SEO experts in the Philippines are used to working closely with international brands and in-house teams. If you need to build a large team of SEO experts for an urgent project, your outsourcing provider can quickly on-board the talent you need. And if you need to restructure or downsize, contract workers are available.

Deep talent pool.Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos graduate from college every year, adding to the pool of experienced professionals. A significant percentage of graduates end up working for IT and BPO companies.

Trainable staff. The threat of artificial intelligence and the move towards providing knowledge-based services in the BPO industry have pushed employees to upskill their staff and invest in training programs.

Cultural affinity with the West. Strong ties with the U.S. have created a culture that has better affinity with the West compared to other Asian countries.

High quality, low cost SEO. The Philippines continues to offer the best prices for outsourced services in the world, including digital marketing and SEO. While office space prices are rising, labor and operational costs remain low to allow vendors to provide topnotch services that are generally less expensive than neighboring locations in Asia, and up to 70 percent less than what SEO experts in North America and Europe charge.

Recruitment efficiency. Working with the right service provider is crucial when outsourcing SEO to the Philippines. The right service provider is better at finding the people you need at the shortest time possible. Established service providers in the Philippines have been in the outsourcing business for over 25 years, and the industry as a whole is very mature in terms of offerings and experience. SEO recruitment and sourcing providers know how to match talent to role quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

How SEO Experts in the Philippines Help Businesses Cut Costs & Increase Profitability

SEO Expert Philippines Blog: Help Businesses Cut Costs & Increase Profitability

Lower operational costs.

Hiring an experienced SEO professional in the Philippines can save your company up to 70 percent compared to the home market. Actual savings can be lower depending on the nature of the job, business requirements and years of experience of the SEO employee, but are generally higher than sending the same work to a local marketing agency or expert.

Besides saving on labor costs, businesses that outsource SEO services to the Philippines save on operational costs. Office space prices are rising in business districts in Metro Manila, but remain generally cheaper compared to similar locations in Asia. Prices of utilities like power and water are also low.

The government has ramped up infrastructure spending to boost economic growth and support the BPO sector. The administration also plans to improve Internet speeds for consumers and businesses by introducing a third telco player and partnering with private companies like Facebook to build a high-speed Internet infrastructure.

High-quality SEO services.

The Philippines produces about 500,000 tertiary graduates every year, and the country ranks in the top 3 locations for talent after India and China, according to analysts. Government initiatives, like the introduction of the K-12 education system, public-private training partnerships and undergraduate BPO preparation courses, aim to improve the competitiveness of the talent pool in terms of skills and language proficiency.

Higher-quality education and technology savvy combined with customer service training mean better SEO and digital marketing services at a lower cost. The quality of SEO services will only increase in the future as Filipino professionals upgrade their skills and search engines continue to prioritize high-quality content.

Reduce time to fill.

Hiring a single experienced SEO professional or building an SEO team can take forever in certain locations. Businesses can lose revenue each day that the position remains open. Hiring SEO experts in the Philippines is a quick process; the staffing solutions provider will handle recruitment, screening and on-boarding. Because of industry connections built over the years and a deep talent pool of SEO professionals, service providers are able to find a match quickly.

Reduce training expenses.
SEO Expert Philippines: Reduce training expenses by outsourcing to search engine optimization or SEO specialists

Training and continuing education can be very expensive if you have a lot of employees. The Association for Talent Development reported that U.S. companies spend $1,195 on average to train each employee. Hiring SEO experts in the Philippines means you don’t have to spend the time and resources to train new hires. They are skilled and experienced, and were chosen because they meet or exceed the job requirements.

Reduce opportunity costs.

Having in-house employees work on repetitive lower-value tasks and tasks outside their expertise can reduce a company’s competitive advantage.

Save on equipment and technical support costs.

In-house marketing teams need equipment (desks, chairs, computers, software, printers, Internet, phones, etc.) to do their jobs. When you hire SEO experts in the Philippines, you don’t have to pay for any of these things, unless you want your employees to use special or proprietary software. No equipment also means no maintenance or support fees.

Eliminate office space rental fees.

Office space rental rates are skyrocketing around the world, particularly in urban centers. When you employ an in-house SEO professional, you’ll need to pay for the office space and other fixed costs. Offshore SEO eliminates office space costs; the service provider is responsible the housing and upkeep of their SEO professionals.

Cost is still the number one reason companies send digital marketing services to offshore vendors. If you are looking for world-class SEO but have a limited budget, consider working with service providers in the Philippines.

Current SEO Industry Trends

Why Hire an SEO Expert in the Philippines: Current SEO Industry Trends

The marketing segment of the Philippine BPO industry continues to evolve, and local SEO professionals and marketing service providers are adapting to address industry challenges. New channels like social media compete against traditional channels like television and print, reflecting the rise of digital marketing service providers.

Google updates and algorithm changes have weeded out many low-quality SEO providers in the country, leaving established companies that have survived numerous market and technology upheavals. Besides raising the quality of SEO services provided by local firms, new technology has also made white hat SEO services more expensive.

Outsourcing Mobile SEO Services

Outsourcing mobile SEO services continue to be a trend in the world of mobile-first indexing. While businesses understand that they need a mobile optimized website to rank highly in search engine results, few have the domain expertise to execute a successful mobile search engine optimization (SEO) strategy on their own. Mobile SEO services provided by third parties locally and offshore can give you an edge over the competition.

Outsourcing Mobile SEO Services: What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is SEO that optimizes page rankings for mobile users. With more people using smartphones and tablets than desktop computers to access the internet and shop online, it makes sense to prioritize relevant and quality content for mobile users.

Mobile devices weren’t as ubiquitous 10 years ago, so search engines like Google used desktop user activity to determine which websites to put on the first page of search results and which ones to banish to the bottom of the list. As a result, websites on the first page of desktop searches were also on the first page of results if you used a mobile phone, even if the website was poorly optimized for mobile devices.

Today, mobile-first is the standard. You need a mobile-optimized and responsive website (a website that is easy to use on any device, regardless of screen size) to rank highly in searches on mobile devices AND desktop. Google looks at the mobile version of your site first to figure out if you deserve a page one ranking. Your site will still be indexed if it’s not mobile friendly, but don’t expect to be on the first or even second page.

According to Google, majority of Americans with smartphones search for local information on their phones even when there’s a desktop or laptop computer present. In addition, more than half (51 percent) of smartphone users found new products or companies with a mobile phone search.

To adapt to these changes, Google has released its mobile-first indexing update that uses the mobile version of a website’s content when ranking the page in search results and evaluating its relevance based on search key words. In short, websites with a mobile-friendly version receive a ranking boost.

But it’s not enough to have a mobile-friendly website, which only looks good and works well on a smaller screen. A responsive website ensures that visitors can easily view and use your content from their smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers. Responsiveness allows users to do what they want easily and fast, whether it’s downloading a PDF or signing up to your email list, on any device.

Mobile SEO Techniques

Content Marketing Strategy

It’s important to include mobile SEO in your content marketing strategy from the get go. In the planning stages and when you are researching keywords, always keep in mind the mobile-first standard. You must also figure out how to measure mobile conversions. This is key for analytics and improvements going forward.


The majority of keywords rank differently on mobile. Mobile users tend to type shorter queries and make typos more easily. This means separate keyword research and knowing which keywords are most relevant to mobile users. When ranking for both mobile and desktop, use more keyword groups than usual to determine which ones lead to page visits, content discoveries and conversions. Build on your target keywords and create longer keyword groups that are more likely to be used by your target audience.

Local SEO

According to Google, 76 percent of people who used the Internet to find something they needed visited a local business within 24 hours. You need to localize mobile SEO to keep up with your audience. Register your business with Google and mention your location in your website pages and content.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool for making sense of traffic data for all devices, including tablets and desktops. To better understand audience engagement, study both page and content level data. Looking at backlinks and social media activity at the page level, for example, can help you target keywords more accurately.


Make sure to create content for your audience and not just for SEO. Different types of content let you see what works and what doesn’t. It shows you areas where you need to improve and content you need to change. Tweak your content as you go to keep your audience happy.

Mobile SEO Outsourcing Services: Should you outsource mobile SEO?

It can be difficult to target keywords for multiple devices as Google focuses on search security. Keeping your contenting marketing strategy in line with the needs of your audience is another challenge. This is why It’s good to know when to reach out to experts for help. Most third-party providers offer mobile SEO services from the planning stage to execution to support.

Is it time to outsource mobile SEO? Your current business environment and future goals will tell you.

Consistently poor page rankings

If your in-house marketing team keeps missing targets or your page ranking has been poor for several years, mobile SEO services from a trusted provider can help. If you’re still on the fence, take advantage of the risk-free consultation that many providers offer. This is a great opportunity to identify pain points and learn what you could be doing better in terms of mobile SEO.

Lack of in-house expertise/talent

Startups often have this problem, so they turn to outside experts for help. Instead of building a content marketing team from the ground up (expensive and takes a long time), why not outsource to an SEO agency that knows what they’re doing? Mobile SEO outsourcing (especially offshore SEO) is generally cheaper than hiring local SEO experts full time.

Small budget

It’s wise to tighten belts until further notice. Mobile SEO outsourcing to offshore agencies can potentially cut costs up to 70 percent. Even if you have the budget to hire full-time SEO professionals, mobile SEO outsourcing is a great place to test the waters before you commit.

Business growth or expansion

Is your business growing or expanding to new markets? You’ll likely need more people for support. Instead of hiring new team members, consider outsourcing mobile SEO services. New products, audiences and markets require research and local knowledge. SEO experts can modify your content strategy as needed and boost conversions.

Outsourcing Mobile SEO Services to the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the world’s most attractive outsourcing destinations for information technology services, including mobile SEO. The 2020 Tholons Services Globalization Index (TSGI) ranked the Philippines fifth in its list of Top 50 Digital Nations, which focuses on digital innovation and adaptability despite the pandemic. Multiple cities in the country are home to foreign-managed SEO agencies that deliver best in class services to offshore clients.

The SEO segment of the country’s outsourcing sector has evolved and matured over the years, with only top tier providers remaining. These ones offer a comprehensive suite of SEO services, including mobile SEO services that can scale with your business.

Sourcefit Philippines is a leading staffing provider in the country that can help you find the best mobile SEO professionals quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you need to build an entire offshore team or hire mobile SEO experts on a contract basis, Sourcefit can help.

Search Engine Optimization Experts in the Philippines

Sourcefit is a custom offshore staffing solutions provider helping global clients achieve their digital marketing goals. Sourcefit has built solid connections in the fields of business and IT over the years, and our wide talent network allows us to give our clients the services of the best SEO experts in the Philippines.

Our topnotch digital marketing services are available at the lowest industry rates, allowing clients to access world class SEO talent at a fraction of local cost. With our domain expertise in SEO and digital marketing strategy, you can expect personalized service and results, guaranteed. Need a single dedicated SEO professional or a team of digital marketing specialists for a short-term project? Sourcefit offers comprehensive and flexible solutions tailored to your business.

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Getting Started on Building Your Outsourced SEO Team in the Philippines

Learn more about outsourcing in the Philippines, outsourced staff leasing and the Philippines as an outsourcing destination.



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