Why You Should Outsource in the Philippines and Not in Your Country

In today’s uncertain economy, business process outsourcing can be a powerful tool for companies to access talent, mitigate risk, improve quality and lower costs. Historically, the most commonly outsourced activities have been customer support, accounting, back office, and IT, but as the capabilities of global outsourcing centers have expanded, so too has the range of outsourced processes. Firms can now outsource virtually any process that can be handled remotely, including high level application development, logistics support, healthcare, legal, marketing, e-commerce, community moderation and more.


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The Philippines became a primary destination for BPO services because of its highly skilled English-speaking workforce, mature infrastructure and low costs. It has continued to remain at the forefront of the industry as employers have invested heavily in training on new technologies, while tools for remote collaboration and handling of higher level processes have improved over time. Revenue from the country’s BPO industry is expected to increase to $28.8 billion in 2021

The Philippines offers a unique combination of low costs, mature processes and ease of communication that cannot be found in other destinations. So companies that are considering distributing their workforce to overcome labor and cost challenges; or firms looking to avail of outside expertise to quickly ramp up a new process would do well to consider the Philippines as one of their top options.