Go Beyond: Sourcefit’s Corporate Social Responsibility in the Time of the Pandemic

Go Beyond is a yearly corporate social responsibility program created by Sourcefit that aims to help, support, and uplift individuals who are in need. The event occurred last December 23, 2021. This year, the company chose “Resilience in the Time of Pandemic” as their tag line to focus on the community that has been deeply affected by the Covid pandemic.

Days before the corporate social responsibility program, it all began with a handful of selfless volunteers helping out to pack goods from the donations to be given out to the Brgy. Bagumbayan community.

employees wearing masks packing food donations employees wearing mask packing food donation covid

They were able to pack up to a thousand bags!

hundreds of green donation bags hundreds of green donation bags

As participants, they knew that their hard work would bring kindness and joy to the Bagumbayan community, especially this Christmas.

On the day of Sourcefit’s Go Beyond: Resilience in the Time of Pandemic outreach program, many more volunteered to assist in distributing goods.

sourcefit employees sitting down with green donation bags  sourcefit employees go beyond

Helping out, in the process, was a difficult task since it entailed volunteers bringing down more than a thousand goods from the office floor to the basement. Teamwork was needed!

people carrying green donation bagssourcefit employees passing donation bags to one another

Sourcefit’s van was loaded with 200 products each.

sourcefit white van

Despite the hardships of the volunteers, they knew all of their diligence was paid off since they brought smiles to the community during the Covid pandemic.

people carrying donation bag walking on streets

Andy Schactel, the CEO and founder of Sourcefit, handed out donations to the elderly.

person handing a bag to a woman

After successfully handing out bags to the people in Bagumbayan, Sourefit gave a hearty feast to the volunteers during the Covid pandemic.

people handling food and drinkspeople setting up food and drinks

At the end of the day, everyone experienced immense joy and fulfillment in helping others who are in need during the Covid pandemic.

two women smiling woman and man smiling with food on their table

Sourcefit is looking forward to next year’s Go Beyond corporate social responsibility program.