Transparency With Clients

The biggest challenge facing a company looking to begin offshore outsourcing is how to effectively manage and control this vital part of their business from of thousands of miles. How can managers be sure that employees are working hard and that the company is getting what it pays for. This problem is then made worse by outsourcing providers who like to present their services in a black box. By hiding details about the salaries, they are paying, the quality of their infrastructure and the level of their management support, they can make great profits while clients receive marginal service.

At Sourcefit, we will be committed to providing 100% transparency:

Price Transparency

With Sourcefit you will know exactly how much your offshore staff members are getting in salary and benefits and you are able to negotiate directly with your staff members if you wish. You pay a clearly defined and fixed mark-up per employee to us to cover office space, workstations, connectivity, HR, tech support and operational management. This simple pricing structure gives you full control over your costs and enables you to budget your offshore team more precisely and effectively.

Operational Transparency

Through webcams and IP cameras, you are invited to have a look inside our operations. Furthermore, you are always welcome to visit our offices in the Philippines and work with your team on location.

Management Transparency

As a Sourcefit client, you will always have direct access to our Founding Partners, General Manager and the various heads of our support departments. Our management team will send you reports on attendance and other HR related issues. All attendance is monitored with fingerprint-scanning equipped time clocks so you can be sure your staff is putting in the time you are paying them for. We are so confident about the pricing of our outsourcing solutions that we invite you to contact us directly with a bid you received from any of our competitors. We will quickly be able to tell you if we can beat their offer and if we cannot, we will be able to explain why. Most of our competitors offer no cost transparency and if their quotes are lower then they are either working with cheaper, less qualified people, or with inferior infrastructure. In the end, we are convinced that we deliver the highest quality of service at the lowest prices in the industry.