Pricing Models

Part of Sourcefit’s commitment to providing custom solutions to fit the individual business needs of each client is offering a variety of flexible pricing models. In addition to Staff Leasing we also offer output-based pricing, hourly pricing and project-based managed solutions. 

Managed Solutions

Sourcefit also offers completely managed solutions, whereby we provide our own staff and manage all aspects of the team’s output. In this scenario we offer billing based on guaranteed completed output according to pre-defined specifications. This model allows companies to take advantage of Sourcefit’s expertise and lower costs, with the assurance that they will receive a finished product according to a contractually agreed-upon schedule and meeting agreed-upon quality levels. Situations that might favor a managed solution over leased staff might include:
  • Short-term projects as websites, seasonal campaigns and application development.
  • Projects of limited scale that do not require full-time staff.
  • Output-oriented projects for which billing is based on pre-determined output levels, such as data entry or content moderation.
  • Projects requiring Sourcefit expertise: If you’re a travel agency in need of a reasonably priced website, for example, we can manage the entire project for a low-cost fixed fee. Areas of expertise at Sourcefit include:
     Web Design
     Web Application Development
     Graphic Design – Advertising, Marketing, Branding Logos
     Mobile Development
     Flash Animation