Growth Expected for Healthcare Services BPO in the Philippines

The healthcare services segment of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is expected to show signs of growth along with the gaming and animation sub-sectors, according to research and consultancy firm Oxford Business Group (OBG).

“As the Covid-19 pandemic raises global demand for health care services and home entertainment, it is reasonable to expect that growth in these segments could be even higher than previously predicted,” said OBG.

Despite the slowdown in U.S. consumer activity and the effects on the BPO sector in the short term following the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities remain for the country.

Healthcare Services BPO in PH as a Promising Segment

Growth for healthcare services BPO in the Philippines does not come as a surprise. Healthcare services is a promising segment for the next wave of BPO growth. And the Philippines was already a top destination for offshore and nearshore healthcare services delivery even before the pandemic.

Last November 2019, the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) projected a 7.3-10.8 percent revenue growth until 2022 and revenue growth of 7.3-12.3 percent in gaming and animation.

Meanwhile, expected revenue growth for contact centers stands at 3.3-7.4 percent over the same period. Call center services currently account for about 50-60 percent of customer contact operations in the country.

IBPAP predicts that as many as 388,000 mid-skilled jobs and 309,000 high-skilled positions can be created by 2022, if the government and industry can attract targeted investments in technology and upskilling.

Growth for Healthcare Services BPO in the Philippines | Outsourcing News



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