Team Members as Midnights Album Song Lyrics by Taylor Swift

Working at Midnight? There’s no stopping Taylor Swift from delivering another sing-along-worthy album even if she releases it when the clock strikes midnight. The tenth album, entitled Midnights, was heavily anticipated by Swifties (Taylor’s fandom name) across the globe. As the magic lyricist she is, Taylor dropped a new set of lines you can’t help but relate to – whether from a romantic standpoint or just too personal you can’t help but proclaim it to the world. 

The new set of songs has traversed headphones, speakers, and mobile video editing applications. From Twitter threads of songs as their significant others (a.k.a boy band members or television show characters), to fan edits using the glorious melody of these self-produced songs, Midnights has influenced the hiding mini swiftie within you whether you admit it or not. 

While the lyrics narrate Taylor’s different life experiences, there are definitely lines that fit so well to different working styles that you can’t help but picture your team members in. Here are 4 songs from the Midnights album that we came up with. Listen to the songs while reading!


Anti-Hero as The Procrastinator

Tale as old as time… the procrastinators just keep on procrastinating. And these team members are very well self-aware of what they’re doing but can’t get out of their slump. They are the Anti-Hero to none other than themselves, because the main idea on why they take the last minute possible to do the task is they know their capabilities. So yes, procrastinators let me hear you say the national anthem:

There’s really no other person to blame. But good time management and tasks organization will definitely help you out of that zone. Starting any task is part of the process, it may be the hardest step but you will get there and become the hero. 



You’re On Your Own, Kid as The Introvert

The song tells the story of a childhood that Taylor looks back on. Depicting a wallflower growing up and all her experiences on being and doing things “alone”. Introverts are commonly misconstrued as anti-people but no, they just appreciate “me time” more than extroverts. Introverts can be vocal but only in their own radar and safe space. This type of team member gets the job done on their own – self-sufficient and resilient. 

The song releases an upbeat tune and it is not to demean being “on your own”, but as if to say, “you got this!”



Question…? as The Inquisitive 

The team is not a team without this member. Sometimes it’s not that they weren’t sure about something, it could really be that they’re just too curious. Of course, they would get your consent first! The inquisitive members are probably often scared to ask but due to their nature of “just making sure”, they just have to. It can be really commendable having inquisitive team members. They are the reason your project is as smooth sailing as possible and the main source of the juiciest tea in the office. 

The song lists down different questions and you’d assume Taylor Swift is in her Marites era but she just finishes off the song in a proud and confident “It’s just a question”.



Mastermind as The Team Leader

Taylor closes her newest album with this song titled Mastermind. And it encompasses the rest of the songs in the album as if to conclude it and reveal, “Hey, I planned all that!”. Team Leaders are honed from years of experience to be able to stand and create a path for their team to grow on. A mastermind if you will, team leaders are goal-oriented, laying down plans from the ground up and making sure it all works out.  

While these are just a number of songs from the album as your co-workers, enjoy these lyrics as the easter eggs that Ms. Swift loves to leave in anything she releases. We picked up just a few to see your co-workers in somewhat rose-colored glasses through Taylor’s words, so our 9-5 doesn’t seem so bad. 

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