Sourcefit’s Annual Christmas Gift-Giving: Transforming Holiday Traditions with a Sustainable Impact

Sourcefit's Annual Christmas Gift-Giving: Transforming Holiday Traditions with a Sustainable Impact

As we welcome the holiday season, Sourcefit is once again leading a sustainable change in corporate Christmas gift-giving. Year after year, we have embraced the spirit of giving, making a meaningful impact on partner communities, and helping those in need.

In 2021, despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Sourcefit launched the “Go Beyond: Resilience in the Time of Pandemic” initiative, distributing Christmas baskets filled with essential grocery items for a simple Christmas dinner. Fast forward to December 2022, and Sourcefit revamped our annual gift-giving to be more impactful and sustainable. Through a partnership with a local NGO called Global Seed Savers, Sourcefit initiated a shift towards sustainability, providing eco-friendly goods to the residents of Brgy. Bagumbayan. As we continued to grow this 2023, our quest to provide healthy and organic goods to Filipino families in need, also increased its reach.


Sourcefit volunteers distribute sustainable Christmas baskets

The Evolution of Sourcefit’s Annual Christmas Basket

Sourcefit’s dedication to spreading hope and joy during the Christmas season took a remarkable turn in 2022. Our CSR initiatives were redesigned to align with our organization’s corporate social responsibility goals. Instead of traditional processed food baskets, Sourcefit distributed sustainable food packs filled with fresh and locally sourced produce to the residents of Brgy. Bagumbayan. This shift marked the beginning of Sourcefit’s journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas celebration.

Our sustainable approach to spreading hope this holiday season continues this 2023 as we expand our reach by partnering with the local government of Quezon City for the first time. This strategic collaboration showcases our commitment to making a lasting impact on a larger scale, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in the company’s community initiatives.


Supporting Local Farmers, Nourishing Communities

In our ongoing commitment to minimize our organization’s carbon footprint and uplift local farmers, we distributed eco-friendly Christmas baskets to residents in need, focusing on Senior Citizens, PWDs, and impoverished families from various barangays in Quezon City, Philippines. Each Go Beyond Christmas basket includes a varied assortment of organic vegetables and fruits. The event featured an estimated 15 tons of vegetables grown by our partner farmers in Benguet. This annual initiative is another step towards our goal of sharing nutritious and sustainable choices with Sourcefit’s partner communities.

Sourcefit and local NGO partner for eco-friendly Christmas gift-giving

By sourcing our organic baskets locally, Sourcefit not only brings joy to Filipino families in need but also supports local farmers, particularly during a time when demand for their goods traditionally decreases. This initiative not only ensures a hearty Noche Buena for families but also sustains the livelihoods of local farmers, fostering a win-win situation that extends beyond the holiday season.


Volunteerism and Recognition

This inspiring project was made possible by 50 enthusiastic Sourcefit employees who volunteered. Thanks to their dedication, we successfully distributed 3,000 baskets, positively impacting around 15,000 residents in Quezon City. Our employees’ active participation vividly showcases Sourcefit’s all-encompassing commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Sourcefit’s efforts did not go unnoticed. Our CSR initiatives received the Bronze Award in Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility at the Marketing Excellence Awards in October 2023. Additionally, we secured the Gold Award in Community Building from the first-ever OA Outsourcing Impact Awards, highlighting our commitment to positively impacting our community and the environment.


BPO company Sourcefit spreading holiday cheer and sustainably

Addressing Local Challenges: A Sustainable Response

Sourcefit’s initiative addresses critical challenges faced by Filipino households during the Christmas season. Research reveals that 66% of Filipinos end up wasting food during the holidays, contributing to more waste in landfills. Moreover, nearly half of Filipinos reported financial struggles related to holiday expenses. In the agricultural sector, climate change has caused damages worth ₱290 billion, affecting 10 million Filipino farmers.

By transitioning to sustainable gift-giving, Sourcefit not only helps mitigate these challenges but actively contributes to local economies, supports farmers, and fosters environmental sustainability.


Sourcefit team celebrating Christmas with joy and sustainability

Sourcefit’s Sustainable Legacy

In redefining Christmas gift-giving, we hope to not only spread joy but also set an example for corporate social responsibility and sustainability. By embracing a greener approach, we are able to create a positive impact on the environment, support local farmers, and bring smiles to countless faces. As we celebrate the season of giving, Sourcefit invites everyone to join us in going beyond traditional practices and embracing a more sustainable and compassionate future.

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