Jobs With High Hiring Rates for Fresh Graduates in the Philippines This 2022

Are you a fresh grad looking for a job in the Philippines this 2022? The in-demand jobs for fresh graduates are the following: technical support representatives, school teachers, nurses, data analysts, administrative assistants, and sales development representatives.


people working with headphone as customer agent support

Technical Support Representative/Customer Service 

According to the Department of Labor and Employment in the Philippines, “a Technical Support Representative is a person who provides answers to questions from customers regarding use and trouble-shooting of equipment, usually over the phone.”

As long as you graduated from any four-year course, you are qualified as a technical support representative. The average monthly salary for fresh grads ranges from PHP20,000-25,000.


a female teacher holding measuring tools to her students

School Teacher

Fresh graduate jobs such as school teachers are responsible for educating and preparing lesson plans for students at all grade levels.

The college courses that help qualify you as a teacher are Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor in Secondary Education, and BS in Special Education. The school teacher’s average monthly income for fresh graduates ranges from PHP16,000 to PHP24,000 a month.

two people wearing safety helmet working as engineer


Fresh graduate jobs such as engineers innovate and develop new products, processes, services, and technologies. 

If you wish to be an engineer, your college courses are BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering, BS in Electrical Engineering, and BS in Industrial Engineering. The fresh grad engineers have an average monthly salary that ranges from PHP21,700 to PHP33,400 a month.


nurse smiling to an old woman patient


Fresh graduate jobs such as nurses take care of patients by helping them manage their physical needs, treat health conditions, and prevent further illnesses.

To be a nurse, you must take The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) as your degree. For fresh graduates, this job has an average salary ranging from PHP17,200-PHP22,700 a month.


women looking at the screen while pointing at the monitor

Data Analyst

Fresh graduate jobs such as data analysts collect and analyze data to interpret it and solve a specific problem.

To be a data analyst, the courses you need to take are BS in Statistics, BS in Data Science, and BS in Economics. The job hiring for fresh graduates’ approximate salary ranges from PHP 18,000 to PHP 21,000 a month.


woman smiling while holding a telephone

Administrative Assistant

Fresh graduate jobs such as administrative assistants handle clerical tasks to organize, manage, and keep the office running smoothly.

The college courses that make you an administrative assistant are BS in Office Administration, BSBA in Operations Management, and BSBA in Human Resources Management. The job hiring for fresh graduates’ approximate salary ranges from PHP 13,000 to PHP17,000 a month.



woman showing her paper to clients

Sales Development Representative

Fresh graduate jobs such as sales development representatives prospect, reach out, and qualify leads or potential customers for the company.

There is no formal education requirement to apply as a sales development representative. However, acquiring a bachelor’s degree from any four-year course gives you an advantage especially if you handle technical or scientific products.

An entry-level average monthly salary for sales development representative fresh graduates ranges from PHP9,000-PHP13,000 a month. If you include the commissions, your income could rise to PHP23,000 a month.

It is essential to take note that salaries for fresh graduate jobs vary from industry to industry and company to company. If you want to know more about job hiring for fresh graduates, make sure you check out Sourcefit’s opening positions. Make sure to follow us @SourcefitPH.