8 Tips on How to Improve the Productivity of your Outsourced Teams

Tips on how to improve the productivity of your outsourced teams

With businesses spending over $700Bn on outsourcing in 2022, outsourcing has become one of the most prominent business solutions as it helps companies thrive by reducing costs and providing enough time to improve core business needs and operations. Although its benefits are numerous, being unable to manage and improve the productivity of your outsourced teams may negatively impact your ROI. In fact, some companies are skeptical about outsourcing because they fear that their employees’ productivity may be affected by distance. As such, we have compiled 8 tips on how to improve the productivity of your outsourced teams.

Tips on How to Improve the Productivity of Your Outsourced Teams

1. Establish a strong management foundation

You can improve the productivity of your outsourced teams by creating a clear organizational structure. By establishing a leadership hierarchy and clearly defining team roles and responsibilities, communication becomes more straightforward and there are fewer misunderstandings and conflicts. 

Leadership delegation also encourages productivity by introducing a chain of accountability. It’s much easier for members of an outsourced team to feel motivated to work if they have a more direct relationship with a manager who can act as their representative during larger-scale meetings. Establishing the right team structure will also help you organize your workflow and maximize your time as it reduces the number of people who report to you each day.

2. Communicate frequently

Proper communication is critical when overseeing an outsourced team. 

Most projects fail because of poor communication. As such, it’s crucial that you establish regular contact between your in-house and outsourced teams. This makes everyone feel heard and valued. It also creates a positive work environment with motivated employees.

Additionally, consistent and open communication with your remote team gives way to feedback and progress, which can, in effect, improve teamwork. Effective communication also ensures the quick resolution of issues and improves morale, fosters trust, and promotes loyalty. 

To establish proper communication with your outsourced team you can set up daily or weekly voice meetings or video calls. It is vital that you meet and communicate frequently with your team and their managers. This reduces the risk of project stagnation, and the likelihood of your expectations being met increases. 

3. Make sure your long-term goals are clear

To ensure that your team is working towards your company’s large-scale goals, it’s important to clearly communicate these goals and remind your team of them regularly. This can be done by creating a strong and attainable mission statement, or by defining the specific purpose and significance of each project in relation to the company’s goals. Understanding the reasoning behind each task helps employees stay invested in the company. It also helps them feel like they’re part of the team —even if they’re working remotely. 

4. Provide feedback

Giving feedback to outsourced teams is crucial for various reasons:

It ensures that the team understands the project’s objectives and is working hard toward meeting them. It also helps you identify and address any potential issues, such as misunderstandings or communication breakdowns that may arise during the project.

Furthermore, clear and constructive feedback will allow your outsourced team to learn from their errors, become more self-assured, and progress over time. It will keep them driven, involved, and enthusiastic. Providing feedback regularly also creates a sense of loyalty, boosts morale, and thereby improves the productivity of your outsourced teams. That said, 85% of employees say that receiving feedback at work encourages them to be more proactive.

how to improve the productivity of your outsourced team

5. Break tasks into smaller portions

Employees may feel overwhelmed by the volume of assigned responsibilities. This can generate feelings of stress and make each task seem daunting. To make the work more feasible and less intimidating, you can establish clear guidelines, point out key priorities, and break large tasks into more manageable pieces. This can help you improve the productivity of your outsourced team. It also facilitates precise monitoring of the project’s advancement and guarantees that the work is finished within the specified timeframe.

6. Encourage continuous training and development

Encouraging continuous training and development can bring many benefits to both the outsourced team and the organization as a whole:

  1. Your team can acquire new skills and knowledge that can help them to perform their current job more effectively.
  2. Employees who feel that their employer is investing in their professional development are more likely to feel valued and satisfied with their job. This can lead to increased employee engagement, motivation, and retention.
  3. Companies that invest in training and development are better equipped to compete in the marketplace because it keeps them up-to-date with industry changes and trending practices.
  4. By providing the necessary training, you can ensure that your outsourced team complies with laws and regulations.

7. Provide a flexible schedule

When outsourcing work, it’s important to offer a flexible schedule —especially when working with team members in different time zones. The standard eight-hour workday may not be suitable for every member of the outsourced team. By allowing employees to work during the times when they feel the most energized and motivated, they’re able to focus better and complete tasks more efficiently. A flexible schedule can also reduce stress and increase job satisfaction, which consequently leads to increased productivity.

On another hand, imposing strict work hours and closely monitoring the timing of your outsourced employee’s workday can negatively impact the team’s productivity.

8. Be an authentic leader

Remember to treat your employees with utmost respect and consideration.

Although it may seem obvious, it’s easy to forget that your team members are people with personal lives and emotions, just like you. Additionally, when working remotely, it may be easier to view them as machines rather than individuals. To ensure that your team feels respected and valued, make an effort to check in on them when they are ill or have just returned from vacations. Listen to their concerns and be friendly. Treating your employees with kindness and respect will not only improve the productivity of your outsourced teams but will also build a better relationship with them. 

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