Outsourcing and the Power of One

An interesting statistic about business in the United States is that 79% of all companies have no employees. That speaks volumes about the power of one: The power of one person to spark and maintain an enterprise.

One of the key factors fueling the rise of the single entrepreneur of course is the internet, which offers control of distribution to customers worldwide from a single PC. But while there may not be a need for some companies to man stores with employees or send salesmen out into the field, entrepreneurs may still find themselves at a juncture where additional manpower might help them take their business to the next level. This help might be in the form of someone to help manage data; handle bookkeeping and back-office tasks; update a website; or provide customer service. But for the solo entrepreneur, that first step in bringing in assistance is a big one.

Outsourcing to an Offshore Destination

If the entrepreneur turns to traditional hiring of local staff, they need to consider taxes, payroll, healthcare, facilities and a variety of other concerns that may distract from the job at hand. If they choose to outsource their tasks, however, they may be able to limit their initial risks, save money and maybe even benefit from the domain expertise of their outsourcing partner. And by outsourcing to an offshore destination such as the Philippines, the cost savings are even greater.

Here are a few things that the solo entrepreneur should keep in mind when they think about outsourcing:

  1. Where is my current bottleneck? What tasks am I thinking to outsource?
  2. How much more revenue can I generate by outsourcing? Or alternatively how will my quality of life improve?
  3. How much will it cost? Do the benefits justify the costs?
  4. How much oversight is needed?
  5. Can I clearly explain what I need them to do?
  6. Do I have standards in place for my recruiting?
  7. Do I have targets for their output or production?
  8. Did I do my due diligence on my outsourcing partner?
  9. Will my outsourcing partner create a solution suited for my unique business?
  10. Is my outsourcing partner committed to my success?

Getting Initial Advice on Outsourcing

If the entrepreneur can answer most of those questions then they have a much greater chance of succeeding in their outsourcing endeavor and taking the first step in bringing their business to the next level. If they don’t have the answers, one good way to start getting information is to contact some outsourcing providers and see if they are willing to discuss the business and offer suggestions about how to proceed. This kind of initial advice should be free of charge and the entrepreneur should not have to pay any exorbitant start-up fees.

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Creating a detailed and informed plan is one of the keys to successful outsourcing; but there is no need to be daunted by a lack of experience. Most of the information required is readily available at sites like ours. So with a bit of patience and persistence it is easy to create a roadmap that is optimized for success.

Getting Started on Outsourcing to the Philippines

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Ultimately each business owner or manager must assess their individual situation and decide if the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the risks. Please contact us for a free, no-risk consultation. A member of our upper management team can help you explore the possibilities and opportunities in outsourcing to the Philippines.