Tips for Successfully Outsourcing SEO Processes

With the rise of the Internet and search engines such as Yahoo and Google, companies immediately recognized the importance of ranking highly in the results of internet searches. Over the years, search engines have become more efficient and sophisticated in returning useful information to users and companies have likewise had to adapt their strategies for achieving high search rankings (SEO).

Effective SEO for Companies

Under the current Google search algorithm, it is more important than ever for companies to deliver a high quality site in terms of structure and content and to present themselves throughout the web in a manner that reflects that same quality. It was never easy to undertake effective SEO and that task has only become more challenging over time.

SEO outsourcing has been around since SEO was first recognized as a need for companies doing business on the internet. Now, it has become firmly entrenched for two primary reasons: the first is that most companies don’t have in-house expertise and the second is that labor costs for SEO are prohibitive.

The Challenge for Companies when Outsourcing SEO

The challenge for companies when outsourcing SEO is to ensure quality while keeping costs in check. Here are some tips for successfully outsourcing SEO processes:

  • Find a point of contact you can trust.

    First of all, make sure the person you are speaking to is someone who understands your business and your goals. Do your due diligence. Is the company reputable; what is their own site like? Are the people managing your account invested in your success?

  • Look for transparency.

    Make sure you understand the whole process and how the company intends to achieve its results. Nothing comes easy in SEO and it takes time, especially in competitive industries. Simple guarantees mean nothing. If you spend six months of your time and the results aren’t there in the end then it doesn’t matter how cheap it was. Make sure the reporting is thorough and verifiable. Get the company to explain it to you if you don’t understand it. Find out where the work will be done. If any or all of the work will be done offshore make sure that you are comfortable with the quality controls that are in place.

  • Language is key.

    Search is all about language. Subtle differences in the phrasing of keywords can be very important. Outsourcing offshore can be extremely cost-effective but make sure you are comfortable with the language skills of the people who will be doing the work and make sure there are quality controls in place.

  • Find a balance of quality and quantity.

    Avoid simple numerical KPI’s such as a certain number of links or articles per month or even a certain search ranking. Again, make sure you understand the underlying fundamentals and make sure your SEO is being constructed with a foundation of quality and with long-term success in mind. This process is a marathon, not a sprint.

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