Philippine Game Development Industry to Match Success of Call Center Industry

The Philippines’ game development industry could be the next call center industry, said Philippine Trade Commissioner and Director Jose Dinsay during the Game Developer Conference at San Francisco, CA’s Moscone Center. Dinsay added that some companies, including Sony, are outsourcing some artwork to the country plus programming, software development and technical support services.

“We do a lot of artwork for them, some programming and tech support services. We sell a lot of art, background work, object design and detail work like face-rendering and constructs. (The government) is supporting it because it is one of the fastest growing industries and it has a lot of potential.”

Dinsay said they also have Filipino contacts in Microsoft and other companies, based in the U.S. and Canada, who support game development in the Philippines. It was the first time the Philippine sent delegates from the private sector, government and academe to the three-day expo.

Game development and software development is a young and fast-growing industry in Asia. Key players in the region include Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.