DTI Cites BPO, Other Local Products as Key PH Exports to European Market

The Department of Trade and Industry cited business process outsourcing (BPO) as one of the high-potential services and products that the government plans to further promote in the European market. Other products with potential for strong market demand include marine products, preserved fruits and organic foods, quality garments, gift items, and home furnishings. These sectors were classified as “priority” industries for promotion in select EU countries. 

According to an official document released by the Bureau of Export Trade Promotion Group under the Trade department, there is also strong demand for footwear, bio-coconut products, jewelry, and automotive parts in seven listed European countries. 

European Countries and Corresponding PH Products and Services

The key European countries that were mentioned in the list were Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Sweden. Each has a particular list of products and services that they continually source from the Philippines, making them priority sectors for promotion. 

In Germany, DTI explained that, “Intellectual Property, BPO and Knowledge Process Outsourcing were considered the mainstays of promotional efforts.” Aside from BPO, there is also a fast growing demand for bio-coconut products and creatively designed house ware, furniture, and fashion items such as shoes and clothing.

In the Netherlands, businesses are interested in importing geotextiles and other sporting and camping products as well as medical devices. There is also a demand for fish and other marine foods. 

The trade report also mentioned the good standing of Philippine automotive parts for export to Belgium, Spain, and Italy, with Italy needing mostly replacement parts like belted rubber tires, ignition-wiring harnesses, and other maintenance parts for motorcycles. Businesses engaged in holiday items and retirement and health services can also see potential growth in the Belgian market. 

For exporters eyeing France, there is a strong demand for fashion accessories and reliable Philippine suppliers of such items. While in Sweden, suppliers of organic food products, canned foods, and industrial work uniforms can expect to have a good market share in this Scandinavian country.