5 Keys to Improving Quality in Offshore Business Process Outsourcing

One of the immediate concerns that arises when processes are outsourced overseas is whether or not quality standards can be maintained. As a provider of process outsourcing in the Philippines, we strive, of course, to deliver the highest standards of quality for the processes with which we are tasked; but there are challenges that must be overcome both by us and the client in order to achieve optimum results. Here are the 5 keys for assuring quality while also keeping costs as low as possible in an offshore outsourcing structure.

  1. Create a Quality Assurance Plan. No matter how large or small the enterprise or what type of process is involved, from software development to teleservices; management must create a plan specifically devoted to quality assurance. The plan should cover the following points:
    1. At what points in the development/production process should quality be assessed?
    2. Who will carry out level one QA?
    3. Who will they report to? Who will manage them?
    4. What is their mandate?
    5. How/when/where shall QA findings be implemented in the development/production process?
  2. If possible, implement a two-tiered approach where quality is systematically checked immediately at the offshore facility and then locally as well. Depending on the process, a certain percentage of output can be checked offshore and then a percentage of the QA’d output can then be double checked.
  3. Utilize existing management and admin resources in the QA process. Especially if the budget is tight, utilize existing management to check output. Even if only a small percentage can be checked, the effect is exponential. Make sure that even this QA is scheduled and systematized with a clear reporting structure.
  4. Make sure SLA’s are in place for each element of the process, including staffing, to be able to quickly remedy recurring quality issues effectively.
  5. Use QA results to constantly improve processes.

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Getting Started on Improving Quality in Offshore Business Process Outsourcing to the Philippines

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