Types of Office Chairs to Use for Your Work From Home (WFH) Office

Have you ever felt physically uncomfortable when working from your desk at home compared to working onsite? Instead of using a regular chair for your home office, you might need to invest in an office chair that best suits you in your workspace. Hybrid work is here to stay and making sure that you’re well-equipped with a comfortable office chair can help you prevent discomfort and fatigue throughout the day. Ensuring that you can perform your best even in your home office can be a worthy investment!


Here are the types of such furniture you can use for your workplace:


  1. Ergonomic Office ChairAmazon.com: SIHOO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, Computer Desk Chair with 3-Way Armrests, 2-Way Lumbar Support and Adjustable Headrest, High Back Home Office Chair with Tilt Function, Mesh Back and Seat(Black) : Office

    Image SourceThe ergonomic office chair helps prevent the onset of repetitive strain injury. It has multiple adjustable features such as lumbar, seat, height, headrest, armrest, and back. If you sit for long periods, this one is perfect for you.


  1. Kneeling ChairsPROC - Adjustable Knee Chair for Sale | Office Stock

    Image SourceThe kneeling office chair has angled knee rests that make you lean forward as you sit. Although it’s not suitable for an 8-hour shift using this chair, it decreases the stress from your back as your core is engaged. If you prioritize posture, then you should consider buying one.


  1. Drafting ChairHow to Choose a Drafting Chair

    Image SourceSitting too long comes with health concerns, especially for people who spend most of their time in front of their laptops. The drafting office chair is for people with drafting tables and standing desks. If you are the type of person with a job that entails you sitting all day and who wishes to stand up at times while working, then this one’s for you. 


  1. Mesh Office ChairSmugChair Mesh Mid Back Large Office Desk Task Chair | Smugdesk.net – SmugDesk

    Image SourceThe mesh office chair is for hot climates or generally hot offices. It has breathable holes in the back that allow air to pass through. Thus, it helps keep you cool all day. If your workplace is generally warm, then this one suits you.



  1. Leather Office ChairFlash Furniture Black Leather Contemporary Adjustable Height Swivel Faux Leather Desk Chair in the Office Chairs department at Lowes.com

    Image SourceThe purpose of the leather office chair is the complete opposite of the mesh office chair. It is for cold climates and offices. If you work in a cold area or air-conditioned room, try using a leather office as it absorbs heat from the user’s body and will give you a cozier workday.


  1. Gaming Chair
    X-Fit Black-White Gaming Chair

    Image SourceThe gaming chair is for style and comfort. It is for gamers who play for long periods. If you are the type of person who plays games and works for an extended time, then this one is perfect for you.


  1. High Back Office ChairErgodynamic BOSS CHAIR Executive High Back Man made faux leather office chair - Cost U Less

    Image Source

    The high back office chair is best for tall people who exceed the back support of a regular office chair. Just like any ordinary piece of such furniture, it too has an arm, back, neck, and seat support. If you find yourself too tall for such a recliner, this one’s for you.


  1. Task/Operator Office Chair
    Relay Task Operator Chair Leather Seat Black Back With Arms - Express Office Chairs
    Image SourceThe task/operator office chair is the most basic type of office chair. It provides the typical seat support, back support, arm support, and neck support. But this piece of furniture is not designed for long periods of sitting. However, if you are the type of person who wishes to have an office chair for the sake of having one (that you can only sit on for short periods), then you might want to consider this affordable chair.


  1. Heavy Duty Office ChairWells Heavy Duty Office Chair 23 5 Stone

    Image SourceThe heavy-duty office chair is large and robust. You can be sure that it can support heavier weights comfortably so no need to worry about the mechanisms buckling under pressure. If you’re looking for a durable office chair to last you for years, a heavy-duty office chair will be a great choice.


  1. Designer Office Chair26 Best Office Chairs: Ergonomic Picks Tested and Reviewed (2022) | Architectural Digest | Architectural Digest

    Image Source 

    The designer office chair aims to look stylish. It is usually a mix of every type of chair out there that can give a designer factor. If you are the type of person who looks for style and aesthetics along with comfort, this one is the perfect fit! 


  1. Executive Office ChairAmazon.com: Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair, PU Leather High-Back Desk Chair, Swivel Rocking Chair with Flip-up Padded Armrest and Adjustable Height, Black : Office Products

    Image Source 

    Just like designer office chairs, the executive office chair aims for style but is more imposing than the rest of the chairs mentioned. It is made up of superior materials like real wood or leather. It gives the user plenty of cushion on the arm, back, seat, and neck. If you are the type of person who cares about style and superior comfort.


To find the perfect office chair for you, ask yourself your priorities and needs when buying one. If you wish to learn more about keeping yourself comfortable while working from home, follow @SourcefitPH on our social media and visit our website for more blogs.