Pot of Gold: Two Odd Jobs That Pays Surprisingly Well in the Philippines This 2022

The world we live in today is full of uncertainty. With the pandemic going on and the increase in transportation and gas prices, our spirit and finances are truly challenged. However, despite today’s economic crisis, there is always a pot of gold lying somewhere in the Philippines—waiting to be unearthed. 

A pot of gold does not necessarily mean a literal pot of gold. It can be an occupation that brings you loads of money. Although there is a catch: not everyone knows it. They might hear of it but they do not even know its value which makes it a precious gem hidden “underground”. Lucky for you, in this article we talk about odd jobs that pay surprisingly well (plus they are also found in the BPO industry!)


Virtual Assistant

Portrait of woman customer service worker

Virtual assistants (VAs) existed way before they blew up on Tiktok this 2022. No one talked about such a profession until several short-form videos went viral on the platform saying that Filipinos can earn PHP30,000 to PHP100,000 a month! How these odd job works are that foreign clients outsource staff in the country. They usually pay them in US Dollars which benefits both parties. 

Virtual assistants usually do secretarial and clerical work from a remote location. They answer phone calls, respond to emails, schedule meetings, manage travel plans, and issue invoices for the client. Some branches of this odd job even manage social media accounts or websites.

There is huge value in being a virtual assistant in the Philippines. All they need to succeed as a Virtual Assistant is high school qualification, experience as an administrative assistant, excellent verbal and written communication skills, computer literacy (including proficiency in MS Office), and organizational skills. 


Professional Ethical Hacker

Rear view of programmer working all night long

Most Filipinos are unaware of the professional ethical hacker profession. The first thing that comes to their mind when they think of the word “hack” is that they associate it with an evil person who wants to steal their data. But did you know that these types of people save us from having our personal information leaked? Not to mention, their typical full-time salary can range from PHP 39,000 to PHP 63,000 monthly. If they freelance, they can earn up to PHP100,000 a month depending on the number of clients or projects they have. 

An information security professional who manages computer systems, networks, applications, or other computing resources on behalf of their owners (and with their authorization) is known as an ethical hacker, also known as a white-hat hacker. Organizations ask for their help to find potential security risks that malicious hackers could take advantage of. A Professional Ethical Hacker’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to) conducting numerous system penetration tests, spotting and documenting security holes or breaches, and evaluating the security network.

According to Manila Times said many firms today are willing to pay cash rewards to individuals who responsibly report a security vulnerability they discover in a product manufactured by the company. Thus, many people in this profession actively participate in bug bounties offered by organizations that are evaluated and pay cash rewards for discovering and reporting legitimate bugs.

If you notice that you have a unique skill that can perform well in certain niches, make sure to research for occupations that could utilize your capabilities. You can also check BPO career pages that offer a variety of positions in the market. You might never know that having such odd jobs can benefit you in the future. 


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