Three Must-Visit Eastwood Restaurants You Can Go to After Work

Eastwood City is one of the biggest business hotspots for call centers in the Philippines. The head office of Sourcefit, one of the leading outsourcing providers in the country, for instance, is located there. However, the development complex is not just made for firms and businesses but is also home to multiple residential, commercial, and entertainment centers. For decades, Eastwood City has been a hub where people, especially BPO agents, come together to eat, relax, and have fun.

The Eastwood City complex easily stands out from other centers in Manila, due to its unique restaurants and architecture taking the theme of Hollywood, Los Angeles. One of the most famous attractions in Eastwood is the City Walk where you can see the Philippine version of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. From there, you will see a line of Eastwood restaurants that offer the best nightlife experience. From cocktails, coffees, cakes, and ramen, here are the best bistros you may want to try after work:


#1: UCC Park Café

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UCC Park Café is one of the Eastwood restaurants that’s both a coffee shop and a bistro. The place is favored by many because the food and the drinks are fresh. Also, they are of quality ingredients.

The best-selling item on UCC Park Café’s list is the Kori-Kohi. It does not only offer a unique experience preparing it, but it also tastes divine! First, the waiters will serve you a glass of hot milk and a cup of iced coffee cubes with simple syrup on the side. Second, pour the dairy into the other cup to melt the ice. Then, it turns to iced coffee! You will never have to worry about leaving your drink too long because as time passes, the concoction mixing together brings out its flavor and aroma. Definitely, the place is one of the best Eastwood restaurants you need to try.


#2: Yayoi

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Yayoi is an Eastwood restaurant that serves a variety of Japanese dishes such as ramen, salad, donburi, and sushi. It is favored by many because its dishes are reasonably priced while still being made of high-quality ingredients. 

The dishes that stand out on the menu are the donburi bowls, particularly the gyudon. The beef is tender, the serving is generous, and the taste is umami! Yayoi is one of the best Eastwood restaurants that people need to try to get their fix of Japanese food. 


#3: Locavore

Locavore Eastwood restaurant, Quezon City - Restaurant menu and reviews

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Locavore is one of the Eastwood restaurants that specializes in Filipino comfort food. It is recommended by many because the dishes are innovative. They serve elevated comfort food in a way that reinvents your favorite homemade meals.

An example of an elevated dish that stands out from their menu is their sizzling sinigang. The plate is a soup-based stew characterized by its sour and savory taste that comes from the tart fruits and aromatic meats. It is prepared by adding most, if not all ingredients into the boiling pot of water. Instead of formulating the plate traditionally, Locavore turned it into a sizzling platter. They take out all the additives and prepare them individually before adding them together. If you are in the mood to try out innovative Filipino dishes, the place is one of the best Eastwood restaurants you need to try out.


One of the best benefits of working within Eastwood City is that you are surrounded by a variety of gastronomical delights! You can choose among many cuisines in City Walk’s chain of Eastwood restaurants. Furthermore, depending on your choice and budget, you have the liberty to choose high-end, casual dining, fast food, and café.


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