Three Easy Office Attire for Women Who Plan to Go Back to Work This 2022

As the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) urges the IT-BPM industry to go back to the office, here are fashion tips for women in the workplace. Planning out your office attire can be daunting and intimidating. However, we got you covered! We compiled three types of common outfits in this article. 


For starters, office attire is a set of clothes and accessories that you use in a professional setting. According to Indeed, one of the leading employment websites in the world, the qualities of office attire for women are modest, well-tailored, and free of images or graphics. Also, they should be clean, ironed, and free of damage or tarnish. 



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Office Attire for Women #1: Dresses

If you are in the mood to express your femininity and you want to wear something effortless at work, use dresses as your office attire. There are a variety of colors and styles to pick from in this outfit. To rock this look, first, make sure you choose a garment that looks professional in the workplace. 


Second, experiment with accessories while wearing a dress. You can use stockings, scarves, eyewear, and jewelry. Also, wearing flats and heels look elegant in this one. 



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Office Attire for Women #2: Skirts and Tops

The benefit of wearing skirts as an office attire for women is that you can mix and match several pieces of clothing. Not to mention, it helps you expand your wardrobe ideas. To get this look, you may use different kinds of tops with colors that are neutral, monochrome, or bold as you pair them with your lower garment. However, if you wish to wear slacks in place of skirts, these recommendations still work well. 

Like wearing dresses, you may use accessories to add more sophistication to your outfit. Just make sure that the design remains professional for your workplace. 


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Office Attire for Women #3: Blazer and Slacks

The blazer and slacks combination is one of the most sophisticated office attire for women in fashion. There are three different ways to pull off this outfit. First, you can go for a monochrome look. You can only use one color for the whole attire, including your innerwear. 

Second, you can use patterned blazers and slacks that match each other. Third, like pairing tops with skirts or slacks, you can throw a neutral-colored blazer into your outfit. Then, add the accessories you would like to include in your clothing.

Dressing professionally at work helps you make a good impression on others, communicates that you take your job seriously, gives you confidence, and enhances your credibility. Wearing professional outfits aid you to present a positive, professional image of your company. Flaunt your new attire ideas by applying in Sourcefit at

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