Three Crucial Commandments Young Professionals Must Follow to Ace Every Interview

We all know how important it is to get a job. It is not only our livelihood but also for many of us a pillar of our self image. In order to give ourselves the greatest chance of success,we have to make the most of each opportunity to create a great first impression during our job interviews. Treat each one as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and take the time to prepare properly. Here are three crucial commandments that you must know to ace every interview.

Commandment #1: Study the Company Before the Interview

You should not go into an interview and not know anything about the company. After carefully screening  and rejecting many applicants, the institution has chosen to meet you. In return, you must do the same effort by researching them. Remember: visit their website, research their industry, and master their products. They will respect you and give you plus points for your effort to get to know them.

Commandment #2: Memorize Your Resume by Heartresume paper on table

Try to take the time to go beyond the dates and names on your resume. Reflect on the arc of your career to-date and the themes of your interests and areas of focus.  Identify where you have demonstrated the kinds of characteristics that your potential employer may be looking for such as leadership, expertise and passion. By thinking more deeply about the document you are presenting, you will be able to speak about it more engagingly and you will have less trouble with any nervousness that will naturally arise. As a bonus, take it also as a good opportunity to understand and appreciate your accomplishments more fully and gain a new perspective on your career.

Commandment #3: Make Sure the Company You Are Applying for Is Relevant to Your Degree And/or Your Job Experiencewoman in the middle of interview

Out of all the commandments, this one is the most fundamental. You must avoid applying for jobs that barely resonate with your experience and degree. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule and there may be times to make a leap or adapt to the market. But this commandment will save you time and energy, especially when you are looking for the perfect job for yourself. Wasting your time on interviews that are unlikely to succeed is an opportunity cost. So read the job requirements carefully and do your research with an eye not only toward what is appealing to you but also what is a good fit for you.  

To conclude, make sure you are prepared for any interview. Research the company, the industry, and their products. Do not forget to master your skills, job experience, and strengths and weaknesses. As they say, the more you prepare the luckier you become.

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