The Sourcefit Experience: Looking Through the Lens of a Business Development Associate

My name is Holly Albert. I am a Business Development Associate in Sourcefit, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm located in Manila, Philippines. In my previous job experience, I pursued the entertainment industry as a live stream host/presenter and a commercial model. I have also worked in the data science and consumer goods industry as an intern and a marketer, respectively.

The BPO experience in Sourcefit is a unique one for me. I have done several jobs in the past that were promising in terms of connections and opportunities but they did not match my desired salary. I always thought, “is there a job out there that fairly pays me based on the effort I put into the organization?” I often found myself working a lot. But in return, I did not get what I deserved based on my earnings. Thankfully, I found Sourcefit. I wished I knew about this company sooner because it benefited me more than the organizations I partook in in the past. Lucky for you: this article is made for your advantage. 


#1: Sourcefit Offers a Competitive Salary

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This is one of the reasons why I chose Sourcefit out of the several companies that I applied to. I remember that all of my interviews were rushed on the same day. One of the HR personnel reached out to me, I turned her down since I found a firm that already offers me a competitive salary and I had a deadline to sign the job offer at the end of the day. However, since the company found my credentials in the resume competitive, they offered me to have a rush interview with the CEO and marketing director that day. I was offered higher pay to match my skills and expertise. 


#2: Sourcefit Offers Good Benefits

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Working in Sourcefit makes me feel safe because I have a health card with coverage of PHP150,000 that I can avail of from hundreds of accredited hospitals and clinics. I can get annual physical examinations and I have access to outpatient and inpatient care, even involuntary and voluntary room upgrading. Lastly, I have emergency care, dental care, and additional benefits.

The health insurance program has saved me from emergencies several times. I remember rushing to the emergency room with life-threatening injuries and ailments. I was glad to have my health card with me because even if I have little money in my pocket or if I am not able to withdraw, I feel safe and secure in my job experience. 

Additionally, Sourcefit provides its employees with 12 sick leaves and 12 vacation leaves. If ever I need to take a break from work, I have ample time to let my mind and body recuperate from sickness and stress. 


#3: Sourcefit Has a Fun and Relaxed Environment With a Good Work-Life Balance

While my job offers professional and career growth on a competitive level, I still get to be in a fun and relaxed environment. The company culture is accommodating. My working experience with upper management is always positive: they are always ready to listen and hear your concerns. Plus my colleagues are friendly and always ready to help out. 

There is a healthy work-life balance in my BPO experience at Sourcefit. As much as possible, the upper management does not require me to work overtime because they care about my mental and physical health. If I have concerns about my professional and personal problems, my superiors provide monthly employee “temp. checks” for me and my colleagues. 

Having a competitive salary, great benefits, and a healthy work environment, I can say that I see myself being happy in the Sourcefit experience for years to come. I am not just growing my career with the company but I am also able to develop my character since my personal and professional needs are met. 


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