The Different Office Personality Types: Which One Are You?

Working in an office job is like joining or having a new family. Everybody has their own unique characteristics, roles, and even personalities. Dealing with different types of officemates can be a struggle, especially if you are unfamiliar with their traits and weak points. For some, collaborating becomes impossible and disagreements always occur. Such situations will not just affect creativity and productivity but will also contribute a negative impact on the employees’ work satisfaction and happiness.  


It is safe to say that the more you know about your officemate’s personalities and how they perform during work hours, the better you can collaborate with them. According to National Pen, identifying a worker’s personality based on different traits or practices will help you deal with each trait. Lucky for you, we have compiled different office personality types that will help you understand them better. 


Are you excited to find out which one you are? Who knows, maybe your boss can be categorized as one of any of the lists. 

  1. The Passive Aggressor
    Man shouting on woman working on laptop. cartoon illustration Free Vector
    Dealing with a passive aggressor is frustrating! Here’s a sample scenario, your colleague passes you in the hallway without saying hello and always interrupts you in meetings. When you talk with him/her about it, he/she insists that everything’s fine and the problem is all in your head. How do you deal with that? Also, they sometimes leave covert notes like, the coffee maker doesn’t clean itself.
  2. The Backstabber
    Man stealing ideas from a woman Free Vector
    You gotta be careful with this one. They will act like your friend but as soon as you turn your back, oh boy, things are about to get nasty! They will not just badmouth you, but they will also steal all your ideas and grab all the glory. Yikes!
  3. The Office Slob
    Tired man sitting on floor with paper document piles around flat illustration. Free Vector

    Here you are working in a corporate world and thinking that you are finally free of your messy college roommate, but then you encountered a wild office slob. Don’t expect that this kind of colleague of yours will try to pick up after themselves.
  4. The Chatterbox
    Two female colleagues discussing work Free Vector

    This kind of employee will talk nonstop! While you are busy working, this guy is busy talking. They would rather spend the whole day chatting with colleagues than checking items off their to-do lists.
  5. The Delegator
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    They always delegate their work to other people. Talk about passing your responsibilities. After all, good managers need to delegate, right?
  6. The Workaholic
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    These types are the opposite of the delegators. They are independent, don’t have time for meetings, and rarely ask for help. Their job is their life and work is all they want to talk about, if you’re not into it, try to avoid having lunch with them.
  7. The Noisemaker
    Group of people with problem behavior Free Vector
    Peace and quiet don’t exist in the vocabulary of this type. Playing music without headphones, whistling, singing out loud, you get the point. They want to turn the entire office into their own one-man show.
  8. The Meeting Scheduler
    Businessman planning events, deadlines and agenda Free Vector
    The Meeting Schedulers love meetings A LOT. They don’t get the essence of the word “meeting” since they want to spend the whole day having a meeting and it doesn’t matter what it is all about.
  9. The Gossiper
    Three female friends sitting in cafe at lunch and talking Free Vector
    This work colleague has the latest scoop on everybody at the office. For some inexplicable reason, they seem to always know the details of what’s going on in people’s lives, from your supervisor’s divorce to your IT person’s failed application for a promotion. If you want to know what’s the latest office news, you know who you gonna call.
  10. The Overly Ambitious Summer Intern
    Student giving test to teacher. intern, tutor, examinee. cartoon illustration Free Vector
    The Overly Ambitious Summer Intern will pop up unexpectedly whether you want it or not. It was cool and awesome at first, but then they turn into a headache.
  11. The Debbie Downer
    Lonely girl suffering from depression Free Vector
    If you have this colleague, you’ll hear nothing but complaints from them. They have the eye to see all the issues and rant about the workload, coworkers, management, and personal issues. Here’s a friendly tip, don’t let them get into your head.
  12. The Email Overloader
    Tiny women getting mail from mailbox flat vector illustration. cartoon people reading newsletter or social news. marketing and mail service for business concept Free Vector
    Your email is like his own personal dumpsite. This person will flood your inbox with unnecessary emails. Whether it’s a hilarious photo of a cat, except that the Overloader will send it to your inbox!
  13. The TMI Sharer
    Man with smartphone and woman talking outside. conversation, speech bubble, asking destination flat vector illustration. communication Free Vector
    This type doesn’t know boundaries. They will share everything. Embarrassing health issues, intimate details of his/her previous date, personal relationship problems – you can all hear them from this person! Sometimes you’ll even ask yourself, do we really need to know everything?


Did some of your work colleagues pop up in your mind while reading the list of different office personalities? You have probably encountered some of them already. If not, don’t worry you still have a long career ahead of you. Sooner or later you will encounter all of them, and once you do, you’ll look back, smile, and realize that we are correct all along! 


Let us know which one are you! Go and spread the word to your friends and co-workers. Ask them if they know someone with the same personality listed in this article. Follow us on our social media channel, @SourcefitPH, for more!