Sourcefit’s Triwizard Cup: A Christmas Social Media Special

Last holiday season, Sourcefit and our team of BPO experts took the time to sit back and celebrate all the accomplishments we’ve made in the past year. Sourcefit celebrated virtually and gave back to our employees with purposeful gifts and prizes – like work from home essentials and “pampa-fresh” bundles for the lifeblood of the company, our agents – through a series of social media games dubbed as Sourcefit’s Triwizard Cup on December 3-17, 2021. The Cup was an enjoyable way to increase employee engagement, allow our employees to express their creativity, and celebrate together even on remote work arrangements.

sourcefit christmas party invitation

The Triwizard Cup was made up of 5 social media games, each showcasing the different talents and uniqueness of Sourcefit’s employees. In this article, check out the winning entries announced during Sourcefit’s virtual Christmas party!

  • Sourcefit Summons
  • Deck the Great Hall
  • All I Want for Christmas
  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • The Great Sourcefit Feast


Sourcefit Summons

Sourcefit Summons was a Bring Me game wherein we requested our employees to share an item that keeps them awake by commenting on our Facebook post. Working for a BPO company, shifting schedules are pretty common but each of our employees has unique ways to keep themselves motivated and perform their best. Here are the wittiest answers that took home amazing prizes including a brand new Smart TV and Air Purifier masks – pretty cool and very helpful in maintaining sanity and safety! Check out the winning entries below!

Honorable Mentions: 



“[The] item that keeps me awake is my altar and every time I see it with my mother’s picture. I always remember my mother’s advice: You will have material things but when God sees that you are slowly destroying yourself, He will take it all back from you. I don’t know why I suddenly became addicted to collecting saints, rosaries, and bibles. I always say to myself, why is it easy to buy material things but I don’t give time to my spiritual aspect. Since then, my outlook on life has changed.”


  • Rezel


“Sometimes, it is difficult to get up at night and prepare things before going to work…Like we always say, Struggle is real. 😂😂😂 So, my daily routine and secret is to wake up 3hours ahead and take a bath. Taking a bath at night keeps me awake because it makes me feel alert and relaxed throughout the shift. It adds up to how I perform and do my work well. I can say, I am feeling fresh!!!!! 😍”


Runner-up: Mae Joy

“An item that keeps me awake is a STRESS BALL with all my GOALS written on it! ♥️

[This] ball always represents a GOAL. This stress ball not just keeps me awake and feels me relieved and relaxed but also always reminds me to keep on working and strive harder 🤟😇Go for the GOAL🤟🤟 Thank you Sourcefit♥️”


Grand Winner: John Eric

“This is the item that keeps me awake. Ever since the day that I got the news through this PT that I will be a dad, I kept this around my working area at home to always inspire me to give my best each and every day at work. This also reminds me of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful gift from God! A dad will always be a dad for their little angels.♥️”


It’s amazing to see how even the simplest items can keep our experts here at Sourcefit awake, impassioned, and motivated! Feeling a bit uninspired lately? Check out more of the inspiring items that keep Sourcefit Employees awake here.


Deck the Great Hall


Sourcefit’s Deck the Great Hall was a TikTok competition where our employees gave us a tour of their Christmas-themed workstation through creative videos using the hashtag: #SourcefitChristmas and #GreatHallSourcefit. Here are the most creative home decor and videos that took home amazing prizes including an espresso machine and a brand new electric scooter – very handy for our outsourced experts working shifting schedules! Check out the winning entries below:


Honorable Mentions:

  • Clet (@cletdelvalleestav)



  • Eloisa (@louielouiepot)



Runner Up: Rachel (@rachelle_lopez0)


Grand Winner: Mel (@mellowmelchance)


Bonus: Here’s Mel showing off her brand new Xiaomi Scooter! Congratulations!


What an amazing showcase of Sourcefit employees’ holiday creativity! We loved all entries but the winners are definitely on another level! Check out more of their entries here.

All I Want for Christmas


Our Sourcefit employees took to Twitter in All I Want for Christmas. Sourcefit employees shared what brings them joy and what they are most thankful for this Christmas season with the hashtags #AngSourceNgHappinessKoAy and #FitParaSaPasko. It was amazing to see such unique answers that talk about being thankful for the gift of family, health, and a stable job that lets them work from home safely! But the wittiest answer took home our grand prize! Check out the winning entry below:


Grand Winner: Viktor Angelo


Curious to see what the others had to say? Check out their entries here.


Lights, Camera, Action


In Sourcefit’s Lights, Camera, Action, we asked our employees to unleash their creativity once again through parody videos showing what they miss most about working from the office and what they love about working from home! The winning entries below will make you howl with laughter. Check out the winners of Lights, Camera, Action below.


Honorable Mentions:


  • Mary Ann R.
  • Pau



1st Place: Mary Ann B.


Grand Winner: Gerwin


The Great Sourcefit Feast


In the Great Sourcefit Feast, we witnessed the charm, wit, and appetite of our employees through their Mukbang entries! While munching on their favorite Filipino Christmas treats, our participants told us their favorite Christmas stories and what they miss most about Holiday celebrations before the pandemic. The winner of the Great Sourcefit Feast took home Php 20,000 and one video really got us hooked! Check out the winning entry below:


Grand Winner: Ginry


If you enjoy activities like this and want to be part of a company that knows how to work hard and party harder – be it virtually or physically! – check out our available job openings in our careers page.


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