[email protected]: A Sourcefit Halloween Scare Fest

As we adapt to work from home and hybrid work setup, we continue to find ways to give happiness to our employees. Each month, each season, and each holiday comes with its own simple pleasures. And this past Halloween, November 2021, we gave them the excitement of winning amazing brand new Apple gadgets!

sourcefit monsters at work halloween tiktok prizes

During the spread of Covid-19, TikTok became one of the most used social platforms. We took this opportunity to let our employees showcase their talent and creativity. Scroll through and check our employees’ amazing entries for each [email protected] Scarefest category, and discover who took home our fabulous prizes!

[email protected]: ScareFit Stories

This category features the creepiest work from home stories from our employees. Here are the winners and honorable mentions. Feel free to watch and be scared at your own risk!

2nd Runner Up: Rizalyn Mamuyac

Having a surprise visit from your special someone is sweet and thoughtful. But imagine receiving a surprise visit from your deceased ex-lover. Yikes! This was experienced by Rizalyn during her
WFH shift. If that didn’t give you the creeps, see the next entry.

1st Runner Up: Neildon Masacayan

While we cannot really confirm nor deny that it was his granny, we can all agree that there was really something eerie about the dog’s behavior and the light switch. If you think this is scary, watch the next video and learn why it deserved the 1st spot in this category.

Grand Prize Winner: Jennie Balando

Jennie won our grand prize for [email protected]: ScareFit Stories, thanks to her creative storytelling. Based on her story, what do you think she encountered? Is it really her doppelganger? Whatever it is, we do hope that you’ll be able to sleep safe and tight tonight.

[email protected]: Night of the TikTok Freaks

This category features the Halloween makeup looks/costumes of our employees. From movie character recreations to cheeky pop culture references, everyone did their best to extend their Halloween spirit.

2nd Runner Up: Omi Angeli Tuvilla

Anne Weying is that you? This is a half-face She-Venom entry from Omi. For a Marvel fan, this is very creative if you ask.

1st Runner Up: Kristoper Dela Rosa

halloween 2021 tiktok scare make up

(Click the photo to see the video)

Kristoper took the creativity to a whole new level with this one. With all that makeup skills, effort and creativity, he came close to snatching the grand prize! You are probably wondering why he didn’t win. To answer that question, scroll down and see the next entry.

Grand Prize Winner: Aljohn Sotelo

Halloween2021 tiktok scare make up

(Click the photo to see the video)

What makes the pandemic scary? COVID-19. Aljohn themed his Halloween costume into something that reminds us why most people are scared to go out. This earned him the top spot for TikTok Freaks and a brand new iPad 10.2 inch!

Just remember, to minimize the spread of Covid-19, always follow the protocols, and don’t forget to #GetTheJabDone.

[email protected]: Spooks from home

Our third category for Sourcefit Scarefest is [email protected]: Spooks from Home. The mechanics for this one is simple. We asked our employees to give us a tour of their Halloween-themed workstation at home, and whoever has the best entry will win.

2nd Runner Up: Jester Mogins Bartolome

A workplace surrounded by scary pumpkins and candles. This earned Jester a 2nd runner-up place. His costume also adds spookiness to his entry.

1st Runner Up: Jr Ischyrion Mendoza

Here’s a sneak peek of Jr’s workstation that seems to be haunted by an evil nun spirit. Kudos to his effort for scaring us in the last part of his video.

Grand Prize Winner: Victor Bahia

halloween 2021 tiktok scare house themed

(Click the photo to see the video)

We can all agree that Victor did a spooktacular job at his Halloween-themed workstation. Those holographic decorations on his window were just amazing. Well deserved winner for the brand new MacBook Pro.

At Sourcefit, we always keep our employees motivated and happy especially during this time of the pandemic. We believe that simple things like this can help boost their morale and minimize their burnout and fatigue.

With so many entries submitted by our employees, we were only able to feature you the winners and the honorable mentions. If you’re having a desire to see more, be sure to visit our Facebook and check them all!